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2 People Want to Work from the Same House

Hello everyone!

After working on Fiverr for several months, and being in countless Fiverr-oriented groups, I understand that making duplicate accounts is against Fiverr policies. Disobeying can lead to a ban on both the accounts.

The problem is that a family member of mine wants to make an account for himself. We live in the same account and we use the same internet connection. Is this allowed on Fiverr? And if it is, how will their automated system identify both the accounts as NOT being duplicate. I work as an SEO expert and he wants to work as a content writer. We were also looking to work together, as a Fiverr Industry, to seem more professional. How can we do this while living under the same roof?

Disclaimer: I am in no mood of bending rules, dodging policies or lying in any way. I want to work in a safe environment, because, number 1, I want to work honestly, and number 2, I don’t want my account flagged. I need safe suggestions and honest guidance.

Thanks in advance!

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Well, I don’t really know about your issue. But I have my own studio and all of my teammates have separate accounts, building their own profiles in their own area of interest. I have not faced any issue from 1 year.

If that family member is from your siblings then it is not allowed on Fiverr. Fiverr will usually give you a warning to close one account and work on only one account in such case of siblings.

Hope this works for you.

Two different people can have their own accounts but using the same internet connection might rise tension to both accounts. But you can contact CS and when they give you approval. You two can use your accounts with no issues. Contact CS first.

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Yeah exactly. This will really help you solve your issue.

Studio profile in fiverr is different from someone having his sibling having an account as well. In fiverr studio people of the same studio will be in the same profile when they are not even in the same country.

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That is the studio for only Top Sellers. :thinking:

Yeah, I had my doubts about that. I wanted to work together with him on single projects, like content writing with SEO. So how do I do that?

If you want to work in hand together. Why would you need another account? IMO, you can create gigs that you and your sibling can handle and work together with one account.

Yeah, that’s possible.

Thank you very much for your help. I’ll contact customer support now, just to be on the safe side.

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It’s not only for top rated sellers or pro sellers but it’s a studio where different sellers joint in one studio to handle different project on a gig. For example. A studio member is expert in script writing, other members is a professional storyboard designer, another member is a voice over artist and so on. Different member in a single studio.

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