2 Questions About Birthday


1). Do you remember your friends birthday?

I honestly don´t remember my friends birthday if it´s not because of Skype or Facebook.

2). Do you want your friends to remember your birthday (why)?

Not really now that I´m much older, I am getting closer and closer to 40. But if they remember I don´t mind.

Now your turn to answer :slight_smile:


I don’t like birthdays all that much either and I’m in my late twenties. I’ve never been a big ceremony person though. I didn’t go to my high school graduation. I didn’t have a wedding. I just don’t really like gatherings or rituals. I’ve never really understood why they’re made out to be so necessary. I don’t do anything for my birthday and I actually get kind of peeved when people wish my happy birthday on facebook. It’s like…fifty people say the same exact thing to me, and it’s kind of an arbitrary date. Idk, I’m not a birthday person. I don’t remember friends’ birthdays either.


I think you will find that a lot of freelancers have this in common. I think it is the way we are wired :slight_smile:
A lot, not meaning all by far.

I don’t celebrate birthdays so to speak, not intentionally but wishes in person or by text do come in to which I just politely say thank you :slight_smile:


OMG, pretty much the same like me :slight_smile:

Well, I like gatherings only when it is with a few people that I really like. I didn´t have a wedding party. My mom was so angry at me, lol. Why should I feed people who can afford to buy food? Better use my money to help dogs. 90% people who come to a wedding party come only for the free food and drinks anyway, or because they would feel bad if they don´t come since they have got invited, lol.

We got married only at the government office and then invited a few really good friends for some meals and drinks. I know they were really happy for us.


I have to say I like your honesty, directness and the way you have this figured out :slight_smile:
Some would not agree but I do personally.

When I had been invited to a wedding by a close friend, I actually told him the truth that I do not like such gatherings but I will come since he insisted and was invested in my presence, as he said.

He was fine with me being direct and completely understood :slight_smile: , and I had kept my promise of course.


Good to know we are like minded in a way :slight_smile:


Any real friend would understand and appreciate your honesty. :slight_smile:


Well most did, I can have a subtle way of breaking important things down, however sometimes I can be too direct :slight_smile:

I will leave it at that since this thread is about your birthday questions and not my musings :slight_smile:


Hahaha! It´s all good. This thread is not about my birthday specifically anyway. I don´t have a birthday today or soon. It´s just that this morning when I logged in on my FB, I got a notification that today is one of best friends´ b-day. :slight_smile:

That might sound bad that I would not remember my best friend´s b-day (However, she knows that whenever she needs my help, I will be one of those first persons to help out, at least I would try and not let her go down the drain), especially coz she always remembers my birthday. I keep my birthday info private so no one knows when my b-day is, but she always remembers.


Do it! But careful don´t break the forum rules! :slight_smile:


Sup @miiila :slight_smile: ?


Hi Fitrig! Not much, need to work, but since I had a forum notification in my mail, I pressed pause for a quick forum round and now I´ll go for a quick walk too, then back to work.
I´m completely fine if friends or relatives forget or miss my birthday, BTW, and that´s not just talk, sometimes some do and it´s just as well for me, I never was much of a ‘public birthday person’.

Have a great day! :slight_smile:


Hehehe, nice answer! Have a nice walk! And happy working later! :slight_smile: @miiila


Facebook notifies me of my friend’s birthday and I pretend like I remembered it. :grin::grin: Also my birthday is one the which is really easy to remember so they got it covered.



Is your birthday the same as a national holiday? :slight_smile:


No it’s 31st December!


New year´s eve :joy:


That’s so interesting :slight_smile: I never thought that this may be a trait that a lot of freelancers share. Maybe it’s because we all share a sense of pragmatism? I feel like anyone who likes business is probably very pragmatic. Then again, for me, it’s also due to introversion. I don’t like being around a lot of people at once.


That’s so awesome that you used the money to help animals instead! :smiley: Animals are the best. Yeah, weddings are so much money and between me and my husband we owe hundreds of thousands already in student loans. I’m working on a Masters Degree and he has two Bachelors Degrees. I want to own a house eventually, so I don’t want to add another 30 or 40 k to our crushing debt :confused: Much better to just go to the courthouse and go on a reasonably priced vacation.


Never mind. :slight_smile: I wish you all the best.