2 questions ( increase my rating and buyer can give us rating or change )


hi all
I was a good seller. But now I have 74% of positive rating. How can I increase my rating. Earlier my gigs were posted in the first pages but now i even can’t see them. please give me some tips to increase my ratings.

and the second

I got a buyer who ordered few of my gigs and kept changing the requirements even after everything was delivered…

He kept messaging if i did the work worth the gigs he ordered though i explained him that i over delivered but again… this is the world :slight_smile:

I am sure he would give me a negative rating, or change positive to negative, so do you guys know how long he can do that?



I can’t see any gigs on your account and therefore I can’t see any reviews. Without knowing why people rating you low, I don’t have any way to guess at why your rating went so far down in the first place, so I can’t really offer suggestion to improve. 74% is pretty hard to recover from and most buyers would be afraid to buy from someone with a rating that low.

On your second question,I think a buyer is supposed to have 30 days to review you after a gig is complete, but I don’t recall for sure. If a buyer wants to leave you a negative rating, they have plenty of time to do so.