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2 Questions: Physical Items Shipping Problem and Unresponsive Clients

Hi guys,

I hope I’m in the right category. I have two issues and I need to know what would your approach be if you were me.

The first issue: I make personalized handmade items that I physically send to my clients. I’ve recently had an order which I delivered a week ago with Priority Mail. However, the client says they didn’t receive it but the track and trace number says the order has left my country. So, the postal service here delivered it (I have the receipt and tracking number so I can prove I delivered it anytime). They wouldn’t reimburse me because according to them, the package was sent to that particular country and it’s up to the country’s local postal services to ensure the package reaches the buyer.

However, even if they would reimburse me, it would only be for the amount I payed to send the item, not for the contents of the package. I don’t know what to do if the client, eventually, doesn’t receive their package. Do I remake the item and send it again? But this would lead to another problem, if there’s an error done by the postal service from the recipient’s country is it really my responsibility to reimburse them for the package lost? Especially since the shipping costs are more than the item itself. It happened to me twice to not receive items I ordered from other countries due to bad postal service but I never thought it would be the seller’s responsibility to reimburse for crappy postal service in my own country. I also take all the necessary precautions, I only send with registered mail to make sure that I have a tracking number, I keep all the receipts, I always send priority. I know that the person will eventually receive the package because nothing like this ever happened in the past, but it made me think of this situation.

So what would you do in this case?

My second issue: I usually send a picture with the finished product in order to make sure everything is OK with the buyer before sending the package. I recently received an order and the buyer hasn’t confirmed the finished product so that I can deliver them and also haven’t provided any shipping details. What do i do, since time is running out? I thought I should mark it as delivered and if they don’t like it they can go for the request modification option. If they do, they will provide the shipping address. Is this OK? What other option is there in this case?



Hey Ang,

Thanks a lot for your reply! It was really helpful and I will definitely add the things you mentioned to my gig as a disclaimer.

Best wishes,


I just got on Fiverr and am wondering what is the correct way to restrict orders for physical products if I only ship to destinations in the USA ?

Ang is right, you can state those things on your gig but unfortunately I’ve noticed that few people actually read the description (due to the high amount of questions I got about things clearly stated on my gig). You can make a big title to catch their attention such as SHIPPING ONLY IN US or something similar