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2 rants in 1... plagiarism and more plagiarism

2 things happened today…

The first, someone bought and received my consultancy gig 1 week ago. They were very happy. 5* review. I now see they have started selling on fiver and have copied my gig description almost word for word.

The second, I purchased a course content script writing gig. It was delivered a day late but I didn’t mind that, she’s a new seller and I’m not in a rush. I could cancel because of this but I don’t think that would be right. But when I ran it through some plagiarism software I could see the first 1000 words clearly came from a source that she had mostly reworded. Maybe this is ok for ghost writing. I don’t know, I understand the knowledge has to come from somewhere. The last 1000 words+ were 100% copied from a website though. She clearly rushed and didn’t think I’d notice.

So, this is mainly a rant. That’s what the ranting pot is for. I asked her to cancel the gig as I said I can’t use it as I can’t be sure of its authenticity. (She also didn’t include a couple of other things). She has declined and said she will do it again. My problem is I don’t trust her now, and I don’t want to spend the time checking her work.

Am I the a**hole? Be interested in your thoughts, but this is mainly a rant.



As for the first one, just report them.
With the second one, actually bear and try to check the second output or push for the cancellation immediately.