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2 star ratings from client


Hey there!
I have completed my first project on fiverr. Although I have completed and deliver on time with 100% accuracy, still I get 2 stars. Now I am unable to send offers. Anybody here who can help me???



Nobody can help you with this issue.

You need to work on your brand, gigs, descriptions etc.

Improve your service and good reviews will come in time!


I am sorry to tell you, but it will be very hard for you to work here if you continue to work like that. You need to be in a much better level. As I can see, you are not even intermediate.

In your description, you say you are an expert in Visiting Card, Greeting Cards, Weeding Cards, and to not waste our time on other poor quality gigs.

For example, look at your gig photo. First, it has no design, it’s just a text. And it has very bad quality. And now, for example, look at that:

On the review, I can see you had poor communication, mistakes in words, and underestimated your buyer’s thoughts.

Finally, who would buy your services? You need to correct all of that, be more polite, and maybe take several courses, learn more, get more skills, and then finally start here again.


Your gig does violate the Fiverr’s Terms of Service. It is an advise to work under the terms of Fiverr if you want to make a living with Fiverr.
You can read the Terms of Service here.