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#2 Tips for New sellers

Tip No. #2:

  1. If you are planing to make a gig, just don’t opt for any random gig. Do your bit of research to find which one suits you best.
    2.Make your gig as attractive as possible.
    3.Use buyer’s request area. You can refer to the article to know exactly what to follow. I followed the tips mentioned in the article and got my first order on 7th day.
    complete your profile details.
    4.Try to have a quick grammar checking test available on fiverr. That gives weightage to your profile.
    5.And last but not the least , have patience and keep sending requests.
    If I can get my first order on my 7th day,you can too.

If you want to read the post #1 about New seller tips click the link:



me suffering the same problm not getting order


very good post. Thanks bro…

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Most welcome my friend… :relaxed:

Keep working…Improve your gigs and services.Definitely you will get orders.

Thanks brother for your tips

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Most welcome my friend…

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but how though my gigs ranks in first page but still :pensive:

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Thank you for your tip Mr. Niyas. Today I started my gig and I 'm waiting for my orders.

thanks for the valuable information

Thats great tip. Thanks for sharing.

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