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2 TOS Issues, then 0 Impressions

Hi All:

First post and new seller. First, I updated a Gig Image with 3 professional looking images because it was getting a lot of attention. A buyer who already placed an order contacted me about communicating outside of Fiverr by phone. I messaged him explaining a “call outside of Fiverr is a TOS violation”. This was flagged. Then I messaged him a second time explaining that “[a] message I sent was flagged for review as all communications outside of Fiverr are a TOS violation.” This was also flagged.

Only the second message had the following review by Fiverr: “After we reviewed your message, it was approved and received by on 18 Feb 05:08”. The first message does not have anything below it.

Today I have 0 impressions on 2 gigs that are current. I can only see 1 out of 2 Gigs if I logout–the one which caused a TOS flag is not visible.

Question: What does this mean? Is Fiverr still investigating? Will I be banned? Did updating the Gig images potentially cause issues?


That is not a TOS warning and that is not affecting any of your specific gigs because that happened in chat and not related to any gigs.


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I see three active gigs in your profile. For future reference: Just reply that “That is not permitted, per the Fiverr ToS.” and don’t specify what unless asked.

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Thanks, it was actually within a order. So, I guess it did affect at least 1 gig. And that’s the gig I currently cannot see if I log out. I’m still not sure why impressions for all gigs have fallen to 0.