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2 Warnings in the past day

I recently had an order with a buyer that I think was an online troll they didn’t want to work with me and just wanted to cancel the order and once I had canceled the order they said that they were thankful and they had what they wanted. 2 hours after canceling the order I get a TOS warning for using inappropriate language or being rude but I was never rude and now a day later I get a TOS warning which was justified which was a warning for asking to communicate outside of Fiverr which I now know is against TOS. I could be over exaggerating but I feel this person just wants my account deleted. What should I do? I’ve already contacted CS but it’s been a day and nothing yet I know they’re busy with more requests due to COVID-19.


Check this out: Don’t do it! … You Have Been Warned! if you want to protect your account.

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