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2 warring but the same reason


2 months ago i got my first waring because of delivering empty order. Today fiverr sent me second warning besause of the same problem with other order that delivered 2 mounts ago. I asked fiverr to get back my second warning because i didnt repeat mistake again. That second warning’s order delivered before first warning.

Empty order means i didnt add files to delivered order. i installed to server of my client.

I dont know what can i do. They dont delete my second warning.


Did the server you installed go through the Fiverr delivery system or did you deliver it direct to the Buyer?

That may help you with answering your question.

I delivered to direcy customer’s server and clicked to deliver button in fiverr order and my client accepted delivery and he gave me a comment.

Still sounds like an “empty” delivery according to the way the Fiverr system works.

You should have sent a file of some kind through the Fiverr system anyway.

I didnt know this. But i didnt repeat after first warning.

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It’s probably explained in the Fiverr Terms of Service (I haven’t read it lately), so check it out to be sure you don’t get another warning.

If i get third warning i will be banned for nothing.

Try contacting them and explaining to them that you installed the work on the buyer’s server. Either through the help desk or
If they agree the work was done they might remove the warning.

It doesn’t force someone to attach a file in the box and it doesn’t give an automatic account warning if you don’t attach something. In the past I’ve just added a dropbox link (when the files were very big) and text saying what was done, but it’s safest to attach something too (or just attach the work and the text saying what was done)…

You could have put a text message in the delivery box saying where the files were installed with maybe a link if that would be okay (if you wouldn’t get in trouble for the link).

In future if you can attach them as a .zip or something in the delivery box as well as installing them in the buyer’s site that would be safest I think. As well as putting some text in the delivery box saying what work has been done & where it’s installed.

Thank you for your reply.

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