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2 weeks and still no order

It’s 2 weeks since I created my account but still haven’t got any order. It’s hard to get orders because I think we haven’t got any ratings or comments.

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Yeah you right brother same problem. We have no rating and feedback that’s why we can’t get any order.

Having no ratings is a disadvantage, but it’s not the reason why you’re not getting orders, and believing this is only going to slow you down even more.

Everyone starts out equal on Fiverr. Everyone starts with no ratings, and has to convince buyers why they should order from them, over and above everyone else. Nobody gets a head-start! We started with no ratings and feedback, and we got out first orders by using our profiles effectively and showing potential customers what we could offer that would set us apart from our competition.

What are you guys doing to show potential customers why you are better than your competition?


Hi Jhinxmaster,

I feel you! I had quite the momentum for the first three weeks since posting my gig, but it my engagement continues to fall. I would suggest creating a video to explain your gig! It can be a quick, simple video discussing your services. Like Fiverr says, videos increase gig engagement by 40% , you could also explore different niches within your expertise and try making a more targeted gig? You could also share your gig to your social networks such as LinkedIn and Facebook.

It’s tough out there!



It took me 45 day to get my first order!

While I waited for my first order I spent the time improving my gigs, applying to Buyer Requests, and adding new gigs. I also read the 5R Forum where I learned a lot about improving my gigs, handling buyers, and how to spit scammers and spammer.


How to applying for buyer request?

Many people getting orders in just 2 days, Somebody takes 5 days or Many people take 1 year to get first order. You need to stay active in Fiverr and You need patience.

Thank you.

Nobody had any ratings or comments.

We all had to work hard.

Don’t worry @jhinxmaster you must get an order soon.

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Don’t worry dear. I am waiting 8 months for get my 1st order.