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2 Weeks as Seller with 10 Orders

I am absolutely over the moon with Fiverr. I’ve been a member for some 7 years, but only started to sell 2 weeks ago.
Before selling i did a whole lot of research, and although it’s not as great as some of you, I am really happy with my first 10 complete orders.
Here’s wishing you all every success with your gigs.


I’m not surprised at all, your gig rocks. I caught myself thinking how can i use this myself.

Screw that I’m placing an order.

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Agree with @j6nyc6 - your gig is excellent! I might even have an occasion coming up where a video like this could be a fun little gift for someone. Have bookmarked your gig. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I love it! I am bookmarking it for my husband’s 50th birthday next year.


Hahaha I just placed an order myself for my 40th in October. I’m using it for a fundraising campaign to get my family to donate towards the excursion expenses for my cruise.:rofl::rofl::rofl:


Thanks for your lovely comments and thanks j6nyc6 for the order!! :sparkling_heart:

I thought I would re-visit this post I created nearly two years ago.
From 10 orders to now over 1,300 and today receiving my Top Rated Seller badge. Its certainly been a fabulous time.