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2 x $100 orders? - Awesome, Oh wait. No


Somebody ordered $200 worth of gigs today. i thought how brilliant is that? I mean, can’t get much better. That is until he updated his 'gig specification. He wanted me to go to Amazon and purchase Kindle books through like 20 different accounts and review them individually. This means that I am out of pocket $180 or something like that, and I don’t even get the money from fiverr for 14-17 days after completion meaning that I need to spend my own money to put into his pocket. Not great. So I have to opt for a mutual cancellation, but now that just has a negative effect on my account :frowning: sigh wish people would message me first. This whole cancellation thing needs to change soon.


Reply to @ryangillam: Good to know…


That’s also a great way to get banned from Amazon. He has those files if he’s the author, there’s no reason he can’t send them to you.


He wanted it listed as ‘Verified Purchaser’ on Amazon to make the reviews more legitimate.


LOL. Oh, no. You got another prize buyer, I see. That’s a huge pile of nerve. I’m sorry, Ryan.




Apparently Mutual Cancellations no longer have any effect on seller ratings!


Yeah be careful with those asking for Amazon reviews as against TOS, head over to customer support and just gives them a heads up Ryan


I would’ve contacted support about the issue. I had a buyer order my gig, and asked me to do an Amazon review. I then got an account warning. I contacted support and was told I can’t do the review, so I cancelled the order. Even though I don’t offer such services nor did I even mention the term “amazon”, that stupid warning counted against me even though what the buyer said was not my fault and out of my control. Ugh!


Reply to @arnevb: in the last period I got tons of such buyers, so I completely agree with you! :slight_smile:


Yeah, I got that too :slight_smile: Originally I was told that cancellations have no effect on level, but then he clarified and said they do. HOWEVER if you are a Top Rated Seller then all of your cancellations are reviewed before being downgraded. It isn’t an automated process, and thus cancellations are not really going to have an effect if it is the customer’s fault.


Reply to @arnevb: He implied that only top rated sellers have manual checks in place, everybody else is automatic. Although I guess if you did get demoted you could try and appeal?