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2 year old account seller wants to talk off fiver

Why would a seller who has his last reviews from 2 years ago ,agree to do a job for me. Then want to discuss it off fiver. He also wants to add me on facebook.he said he would start my work within 2 days but after a phone conversation to discuss something. If it was a brand new account or one with a couple of reviews I would know automatically he was a scammer. But given that he has 100’s of good reviews although the latest one is from 2 years ago. It makes me wonder what’s up.
I feel in my gut something’s off but am not sure what.

What’s the end game

May have hacked an account or bought a hacked one from someone.
Could be plenty of reasons for other things but just report and block them and then move on.


I wondered if it was possible to be hacked through whatsapp image as he asked to talk through whatsapp then sent me an image of a screenshot of our conversation.

Why did you talk to him off fiverr? What are you trying to buy that you would do that?

It’s best to maintain the communication within Fiverr, if the seller is trying to take communication out of Fiverr its looks suspicious.

Are you allowed by Fiverr to communicate on whatsapp with a potential client?

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I think you won’t get what you paid for if you did it off fiverr, or some other type of problem.