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2 year old posts: what are you doing here?


I haven’t been on the forum for a couple months, so maybe this has been discussed.
Just wondering why suddenly every 3rd or 4th post is several months or years old?

Maybe cuz there aren’t enough new posts at the moment?


I guess the post title gets someone’s attention for whatever reason, and they decide to leave a comment not knowing how old the post is…I think???


Yes, but wouldn’t it take like 50 hours to scroll down to a post from two years ago? :blush:
I’m guessing the forum automatically brings up old posts when there isn’t a constant stream of new posts.

:phone: I put up a post on a apartment rental website–subletting my apt for a month in September 2015–and I still get a phone call about that every few months. :joy: The returning flight landed two years ago! I need to live in my own house!


While I, in no way, and encouraging new seller to grave-dig ancient posts, I wonder if, perhaps, those inexperienced forum users searched a topic on Google, and that particular ancient topic was on the results list. The forum poster was likely signed into their Fiverr/forum account, read the searched topic, and then posted a response.

Forum topics ARE indexed and searchable.


I’ve also noticed that revived old threads immediately get spammed by multiple “thank you” or “I am agree” posts within the same day :grimacing: one does the grave-digging, the others do the rest :zipper_mouth_face: