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2 years, 0 order

Like the title said.

I never got any order. Here’s my profile on fiverr:

I’ve try promote it at social media (all of em prefer working directly with me), create a fast 5$ 1day gigs, video, etc. But still, 2 years no luck.

I wonder if i should create new account for this?


Be patient and keep it up your good work. Try make unique gig and unique content.


You cannot have 2 Fiverr accounts. That will get you banned. Work on improving this Gig in some way - and find out where your clients would be in order to gain sales.



Work on your profile and gigs, none of it is well detailed


Hello @wildsign! First, I am sorry to hear that it’s been two years and you got no order, that’s a pretty long time. Anyway, I have checked your profile and gigs and unfortunately the design field has very high competition here on Fiverr. Specially when it comes to the creations of logo, photoshop editing and retouch… there’s a LOT of that here on Fiverr. So, here are my suggestions for you:

  • Try to edit your gigs keeping in mind a more specific niche or customer (for example, logo for podcasts/apps…)
  • At no level, you can make a maximum of 6-7 gigs if I’m not mistaken, use them all trying different things.
  • Try to respond to buyer requests. It takes time and effort, but it’s better than waiting doing nothing.
  • Replace your gig thumbnails with a more eye-catching photo, specially since you are a designer, the thumbnail shoud say a lot of how you work.

Remember, the design category has very high competition here on Fiverr - YOU NEED TO STAND OUT.
Do your best, if you really want to get your first order, don’t stay there waiting doing nothing. Promoting your gigs on social media is not very effective, as you can see, so try somewhere else, try other things! I’m sure that if you really want it, you’ll get it.

Patience, perstistence and hard work.
All the best!


ahhh… i see,…

it haven’t come in my mind to make it more spesific.
i’ll do some research & remodeling all the thumbnail then.

thankyou very much for the suggestion

**Improve your skill then try to marketplace earn money. **
Good Luck