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2 Years No Jobs

Hi everyone,

I’ve had an account with Fiverr for about 2 years however I’ve never gotten any gigs. I didn’t think it would be so challenging to get gigs. Admittedly I haven’t invested a tremendous amount of time, but I did think that at the very least I would generate some leads, but no luck. This has led me to believe that there is some glaring mistake that I am overlooking. Can someone please give me advice on how to move forward?

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I am new too so i wont give you much advice,
i am new created gig 25 days ago, got three order through buyer request, try your luck there,
and at the start you body going to notice you, you have put your self in front, it is hard work, there are thousand like me and you here, so try
if you dont try you will not get any thing


Thanks, that is a helpful affirmation.

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What services do you guys offer? The buyer’s request section is a great way to start.

There’s no mistake. It’s just that the marketplace and client needs are changing ever so constantly. I started here with poetry writing services got a couple jobs and that was it.

After a break I came back and offered illustration on a small scale; got one job. Tried logo design and got scammed out of ideas as the mail and order system blurred at that time. Learned some new skills and came back with illustration and writing.

Got two gigs with illustration through BR even though I didn’t have a discipline within the subcategory but could perform the tasks. The site is growing everyday and with that growth come competition which means you have to be just as competitive as the next by offering services that are highly sought after that you are capable of completing. My two areas of specialty are in saturated categories and I’m in the process of learning some new skills while working on side projects.

There are some old podcasts and blog posts you can look into for added assistance.

Thanks @davidho647416 , I’m offering the following:

  • Audio/video transcription
  • Trimming audio files
  • Scan document post processing
  • Music production
  • Image vectorization

@topaz_muse thanks a lot, that’s very helpful and gives me some perspective.

A lot of people offer these services so I would offer a lot of value to start until you build a good rep for yourself.