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2 Years of Experience But No Orders!


Hello People,
I’ve Researching Web and collecting data for My college projects. I’m self Motivated and be Confidence in what I’m Doing.
In Fiverr,
I’ve started as a seller two years ago. Still Now, I’ve got no orders or any other responses. Is the correct way where I’m going?
Kindly, Please share your thoughts relating that how can I Prove I’m One of the best sellers in Fiverr?


I am sorry, but 2 years on Fiverr waiting for orders don’t count as years of experience.

The question is: what have you done in the past 2 years to attract buyers?

Maximum amount of gigs?
Sending buyer’s request daily?
Promoting yourself outside Fiverr?

If you did anything for at least 30 minutes/day for the past 2 years, I can guarantee you that you would have been a success by now. Success is created, not waited upon. Just like you don’t go in your garden and wait for the right seed to fall so that you can have some tomatoes. You need to plant them actively! :slight_smile:


Thank You I’ll Move On