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2 Years With Fiverr & 250 Order Completed | My Story


Hi there,

Greetings! Hope you all are well. Today I want to share my real experience. Before 2 years, I heard about freelancing from my elder cousin. Then I heard about the Fiverr marketplace. Frankly, I want to tell that Fiverr was a very easy platform for me to manage than all other platforms…

January 2017, I have joined the Fiverr. After one month I got the first order. That was the start of my journey. After 2 years, today I have completed my 250 orders successfully. :v: I never compromised with the work quality and delivery time. Though the journey was mixed with an easy and complex condition. But I never gave up. I’m satisfied.:grinning:

At the end, I need some suggestions from all of you. I saw some sellers who have joined at the same time as me. Luckily they are now “Top Rated Seller”. I’m far from their stage. So tell me some effective suggestions, how can I boost up my sales and can be a Top Rated Seller?

Thanks for reading my story with your valuable time. Best wishes to all of you!:slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks & Regards,


Congratulation …

Hope You will get more orders …

And this is my short story of fiverr experience .
Joined:September 15, 2018
Earned First month $700+.
Got Promoted to level 1 on November 15th.(After 60 days of creating my account .I was in very tension that will I promote or not).
Got demoted for getting warning in December .
Completed 88+ projects .
Earned upto $3000+
Waiting For level 2 badge .
I have also promoted myself


No one know that how to be top rated seller .That is manual process …

You can see some recent post that is related with your topics … May Be that will help you.

And I Wish you will be top rated seller …


Check out: for hundreds of tips on how to get orders. You will find a wealth of information on how to boost your sales in the above.


Thanks for the reply with the great info. You are awesome…


@powerpointxprt If you want help you need to create your own topic and those who wish to will reply to you. That is how the forum works. Asking questions in the middle of someone else’s topic is considered as spam.


I’ve opened my account in august 2017 . I didn’t even know what is fiverr. In december 2017 i got a message from buyer . i did his work and he gave me another. Kept bidding from Buyer request section and i got regular work. Since then I didn’t have to look back. I’m only $1500 short of becoming top rated seller. wish me luck :slight_smile:


Great success! Keep it up. So compare with you I’m far from you…


Well done, and keep up the high spirits. :slight_smile:


That’s Great!!:+1: keep it up good work…


well done. your sprite will take you further.


Joined May 2018
Still No order from client.


Joined in Dec18’, came out of the gate hot with about 18 orders in the first six weeks - then dramatic slowdown. Not sure what is happening but getting slow drips here and there with BR rarely producing anything I can bid on (I’m a VO talent). But, staying positive have a couple repeat buyers and reading your story is encouraging.