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20% Bite By Fiverr - A Good deal?

Contributions please. Fiverr community takes a whole 20% from our hard earned money, ok they should take a bit maybe 10% or probably 0.5% (ohh just kidding there) because we use them as a platform. What do you think, 20% Bite, Too much? or Too little?

No, it’s terrible. You should go somewhere else where they commission is more kind to hard working people. IT’S DAYLIGHT ROBBERY IS WHAT IT IS.

You can always leave if you don’t like it. Why complain about it?

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I see what you mean. 25-30% might be more fair. We do use them as a platform, like you said, and they hire marketers, developers, etc. I feel a bit guilty, which I think is your point. I’m only going to suggest raising to 25% because I need the other 5 for my cat’s retirement plan.

With promotions coming along, your wish may soon come true! I reckon it’s going to be chaotic and we’d all better buckle up for cries of “unfair, unfair!” and “pay to win” and “I am new and I have no money this is hopeless” etc.

As you are a Guru Marketer who sells traffic let me put my response in a way that is clear.
Fiverr has sent 10s of thousands of views to my gigs. Some have clicked my gigs, some have contacted me and some have ordered.
They asked for no money up front and only charged me when the traffic they generated produced sales for me.
Do you, or any of the traffic sellers here offer the same thing? So, who is offering the better value, You or Fiverr?

Start a business with no outlay… get free advertising … and only pay 20% when you sell something. Sounds fair enough to me!

I’ve heard, through the secret grapevine. Meh, one one hand it’s better than paying up front for credits or something. On the other, what if you had a choice to promote by percentage or paying up front with different perks for each? I’m kind of hoping the criers of hopeless will be so hopeless they give up too fast and give us hope. The main thing is, Fiverr needs a cat retirement plan.

I’m not against it, per se (despite my rather harsh crit on the other thread). I just get tired of all these “push button” issues which are non-issues. If more % payers get more exposure (likely) then the shrill cry of only getting $2 and “Fiverr has lost its roots” will ring loud. But like I say, not much point thinking about it until its properly introduced and broken at least 5 times.

You could start a cat retirement fund gig. “I will send you cute pictures of my cat” “I will force my cat into unnecessary poses for your business and get clawed to death doing so”, for example. Since your death is a unique event, you should definitely put it at a premium price, like $10. That way buyers will know it’s something special. And your cat will approve. Perhaps.

The only thing I am irritated about is that for that 20%, you get zero protection on your gig should somebody offer a PayPal chargeback against you.

I think 20% is fair considering the opportunities for linking buyers and sellers all over the world. I think Fiverr offers one of the best freelancing platforms (my opinion) as I have used others, with low fees, but it kinda gets difficult with those. I only wish they don’t charge 20% on tips…lol

I think it should be tiered as the price goes up. There is a difference between the $1 on $5 and $20 to $100 for the more expensive projects. I think it should be a lower percentage for the higher paying ones. It really takes a huge bite out of it. Just my thoughts on it.

Put prices up to accommodate extra expenses. A quick solution that you can implement without waiting for a bloated MNC to do it for you.

I do agree with Ryan re: protection with PayPal disputes, though.

I’ve looked into other freelance sites that are comparable to Fiverr. Most require an annual membership fee that is very expensive, plus you are responsible for marketing yourself more than you are in Fiverr. To me, Fiverr’s 20% cut is one hundred per worth it. I don’t have to spend hours hunting down jobs, I only pay if I make a sale, and the $1 or so per gig is actually a lot less (for me) than the cost of membership would be on other sites. If you’re making big bucks, it might not be worth it, but I think it’s a pretty good deal.

It’s really high, but I’ve tried the alternatives and none of them have worked out.

This is a good idea. I could get blood into video just by gluing fake claws on my cat which I already off-film. I think me bleeding is worth $10, especially since the cat is white.

Death should be much higher, like $12. Since Fiverr doesn’t do 12, it’ll have to be $16 because I want to pay close commission on my death. Wait - Fiverr doesn’t do 16. I’ll have to make it 20. Plus the commission dollar so 21. Wait…

Total amount made without subtracting any expenses minus 80%, whats left is essentially what i paid fiverr as their customer. The total amount of clicks i got from fiverr divided by fiverrs total commission = 0.60$
In my case with keywords etc 60 cents per click is allot more expensive than google ads. That means if i marketed the same services i provided on fiverr on my own and kept the the processing fee that the clients here currently make, my profits per job would be 25-30% higher or i could choose to make the same amount and give clients a 25-30% discount.

Its not that simple though and there are other factors such as with the type of work i have done on fiverr there is a limited amount of demand and a fair amount of competition. I could easily get a limited amount of clients on my own and make a higher profit but couldn’t make a living on that unless i also tapped in to fiverrs client base at a lower profit.

Not going to do that though as i prefer offline freelancing where there are fewer limitations.

Wow, do you do cost analysis work too?!?! You totally should.

Nope just need something to do to keep my mind occupied, haven’t been able to work for a while as circumstances take me away from my workshop/office.