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[20% bonus coupon code inside] 5,000 Permanent Facebook likes to any website/URL, blog, video


The 20% bonus coupon code is “Facebook Likes December”. Whatever amount you order, you’ll get 20% more by providing the coupon code. Have in mind that the gig’s extras already include a big bonus :).

And now… I’m proudly presenting The Best gig in the particular niche, it’s both the Oldest one and the one with Мost Rеviews :). The offer itself is also quite unique:

5,000 Permanent Facebook likes to any website/URL, blog, video, etc [Not for Facebook Pages !]

=== Why Facebook likes ?

The like button’s number influences your visitors’ perception about your website’s credibility

A bigger number promises a better interaction with your website, either via social media or by making purchases

=== What makes this Gig #1 ?

Just look at the number of Rеviews, the gig’s Age and the Offer itself

Guaranteed over-delivery

No drop in numbers

My authentic method is in comply with the Facebook’s ToS

Express gig

=== What kind of links are accepted ?

Any link possible except those which belong to Facebook itself: Personal or company websites, blogs, YouTube or Dailymotion videos, IMDB actor or picture pages, Kickstarter or Indiegogo projects, etc

=== What about bonuses and/or benefits ?

Splitting is possible: 10 Iinks/Iike buttons per $5

Save cash with the Gig’s Extras

Fast, efficient and thorough Customer Support, you’ll get a reply within 24 hours

=== Any pre-order info ?

IMPORTANT NOTE: I don’t accept orders for Facebook Pages nor for Iike buttons which are connected to a Facebook page

All I need is the Iink to your site/video where the Iike button is placed

Order this gig as many times as you want for the same like button

Cheers :slight_smile: