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20 Characters? Why?


Hi everyone, I dont get it. Why is it necessary. Sometimes only few words are enough. Why we would be forced to write 20 characters. And if we dont want, we are then going to write every time (20 characters) like this. I want this to be changed.


Agree with you … :smiley:


It’s to encourage a meaningful response. If all you want to say is “good tips” or “I agree”, you can simply like the post, instead of clogging the entire thread.

Just think of all the topics where the OP starts with something useful, and then you have to scroll down tens of “good tips” in order to get to the next post that discusses what the OP said, offers a new insight, agrees, disagrees… And then it’s again tens of “good tips” before there’s the next meaningful post.




Good tips, I agree…


That’s the correct answer, though it can be annoying still, if it completely messes up your genius and minimalist and relevant comment. :smirk_cat:


Which meaningful response contain 20 Character except this “great tips, good job”




:point_up_2: insightful comment


@capitalquality I know, I know… And “good tips” is replaced by “Thank you for your useful article”. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Or “thank you this is very useful to me”

The creature has some sentience, it would seem.

Anyway what’s the trick to doing just the one smiley face? Not that collection of letters that sometimes disappears in forms?


I thinks that’s what it is. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: stuck out tongue closed eyes More than 20 characters.:smile_cat: