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20% charge for both buyers and sellers on the same order not cool

I once wrote a post about whether the 20% charge by Fiverr is fair. As expected, I received mixed reactions. My shocker, however, is the fact that Fiverr charges the same 20% to both sellers and buyers. As a seller, you pay $120 for an order of $100 while the seller receives $80. To me, that is not cool at all. If the buyer is being charged 20% then why is the seller not getting full payment of at least a lesser charge?
I don’t know if it is just me because I just paid $12 for an order of $10 and I haven’t noticed this before now. Is this a recent development?

It is, and a hot topic, of course.


Just a small correction here - as a buyer you pay a $2 charge on orders up to $40, and over that you pay 5%, so that $100 order would actually cost $105, and the seller would receive $80. Of course, on lower value (sub $10 orders), the $2 fee would account for 20% or more of the price charged, but not on higher value orders.


We can discuss here :arrow_right: New processing fee increase