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20% Commission On Tips? Oh, my bleeding heart


Today, I received a $10 commission on an order.

I thought that “Great, at last, you can get a full fund.”

But WTF, I just got $8.

Now, that’s unfair.

Tips are kinda thing that you need to achieve by working hard.

It is true, that Fiverr gives us, this much traffic, to our GiGs, but for that reason, they are cutting 20% from the money.

So why on earth, do they charge from the Tips Also?

I don’t know,

Shame on you #fiverr

Why take away 20% from tips? (solved)
Why Fiverr Getting money on TIP?

Imagine a shady seller seeing an opportunity if tips wouldn’t be taxed!

There was a discussion about this and a seller might be able to create a small $5 order and demand the buyer for an additional $45 as TIP to complete the order (if tips don’t get taxed by Fiverr), hence the seller getting a Full $45 and Fiverr taxing only the $5. Does that sound fair if you were Fiverr? :slight_smile:

Some buyers would easily go with whatever the seller decides to do as long as they get what they desire. And Fiverr would lose.

Not having a commission on tips would make them prone to misuse and abuse :wink:


If you type “20% on tips” in the search bar above you will see many posts on the subject. You are not alone and there are of course two sides to the argument.


You are working on someone else’s website. This site has overhead and expenses.

The way you are allowed to work on this site and earn tips on it is to share what you get with the site.



Hey, I used to feel the way you do right now, when I first came to this platform. I was a buyer who was upset that there was 20% being taken from the tips I gave to the sellers.

Now, after being here for awhile; I do see everyone’s point. There is an old saying, “When you’re in my house, you play by my rules.” This is 5r’s house, we play by their rules.

If I don’t like someone’s house rules, I ask them to change it. If they say no, I will stay and follow or get up leave. My choice.


Another aspect to consider is that if Fiverr didn’t provide a tip facility and you just paid the agreed price nobody would get any tips!


Look, it may sound so normal, but the thing is that, tips is my credit. Why I would like to give to fiverr.
Some one might say, it because may cause Miss use of the Tip service.

Let me say you some thing… What if a buyer contact me from fiverr and tell me He\she would pay me by PayPal.

In that way, I get the full amount and buying will be simple.

I am not judging fiverr for its policy, I am just saying fiverr must find way to finish this argument.


Fiverr filters through messages, so words like “Paypal” are prohibited, since paying by Paypal is against TOS. In fact, all outside contact is.
Tips may be your credit, but would you have gotten in contact with the clients in the first place without Fiverr?
Sure, Fiverr isn’t the best platform for everyone. If you think you could benefit more from a different kind of system that doesn’t charge on tips, or just freelancing without a mediating website at all, then definitely do what’s right for you. But you can’t expect them to spare you from the “tax” on your income when they’re partially responsible for giving you the chance to connect with clients in the first place.


Doing so is against the TOS and a sure way to getting an account suspended. Fiverr doesn’t want to be an intermediary platform where they just get you clients and then you go work with them outside of Fiverr.


Exactly, and here’s something that some users don’t know: writing the words “outside Fiverr” or “outside of Fiverr” will not show you a warning, but it will make Fiverr send you a account warning email, which is worse.


So you won’t use your tips as your service amount


I presume when you read the ToS before starting to create gigs and offer services here you didn’t have an issue with the 20% on tips, why do you have an issue with it now?

They did.
.Take it or leave it are the options available at the end of the argument.


Why do we get this question asked so much? How is a tip any different from any other payment a seller gets? Just because it’s not something you asked for and is given freely it’s still going to go through the fiverr site and fiverr’s payment processing and be paid out to you by fiverr.