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20% commission ๐Ÿ™ƒ

Iโ€™ve just learned about the tip functionality, also learned fiverr still take 20% from it haha

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The commission is stated in Fiverrโ€™s TOS which you agreed to when you joined Fiverr. :wink:


Becs, it is Fiverr which is reminding a buyer for a tip to the seller so that it can keep its share before forwarding the other share to the seller.

I read it, but never seen the tip thing before!
I mean itโ€™s a tip not an order

I didnโ€™t get you completely but I also just found out 2 days ago they charge buyers as well for orders not sure about the tip feature, but if they took 20% probably they also charge buyer for tipping

They take a commission from buyers and sellers for the tipping.

actually the tip compared to my average selling price is nothing, I was just shocked they would charge on a tip (not in a bad way, but like oh man this is weird!)

Fiverr charges commission on tips to make sure there is no abuse of the system. Abuse could prevent Fiverr from utilizing funds to make the site better. See:

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I really appreciate your answer, but Iโ€™m not convinced the fiverr algorithm canโ€™t make a simple if condition (if tip > order)

ban or stop or review this action, Iโ€™m sure the majority donโ€™t and wonโ€™t do this abuse stated in the post, the post also ending with the fiverr let you sell for free!

well fiverr let sellers sell for free, because when they sell fiverr make money! also fiverr biggest competitor reduce the 20% passing some milestones ending up with 5%

anyway I wasnโ€™t complaining about the platform, I was just meh even in the tip!

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