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20% cut on Tips

It doesn’t matter. I said it was just an example.

being max $20 or $1000 it still opens room to not honest sellers and buyers do this

So sellers that don’t like there are fees on tips, should thank these dishonest users which used to practice this. Those who tries to find every mistake to take advantage of fiverr

I think the consensus among most of us is that 20% off a tip is - while not great - acceptable. It equalizes any money flowing from buyer to seller so that Fiverr never has to worry their 0.20 cents on the dollar will ever go missing. It’s the “tip fee” on TOP of that 20% that’s the real tipping point for imbalance. I think most freelance “lifers” still relying on mill sites expect a bit of exploitation, but when even we balk at a fee scheme, there’s something amiss.


you are absolutely right

I totally agree. I would rather have 80% of a bonus unexpected tip than not at all!

However, I maintain that it is unusual to be tipped as a freelancer, and that the facility only exists to allow Fiverr to secure extra revenue from buyers and sellers!

I’m not complaining though - the seller and Fiverr benefit, although the buyer is pressured into tipping.


Perhaps no one here has been on Fiverr long enough to have made a Gig especially for tips? Yes, some of us would make Gigs that were essentially “tip jars” and would have interesting descriptions of what we would do or how we would feel if you tipped xxx amount. Back then, they took 20% of that Gig too - this is an old argument of how wrong it is for Fiverr to dare take anything from a tip. I think Fiverr saw so many tip Gigs, they decided to just implement it into the system.

While I do not care if they take 20% of a tip, I do agree with others where it is a bit excessive to tack on a service fee as they do the Gigs to process this payment. I would think that discourages some from tipping.



I’m a buyer rather than seller, and I think it’s really bad taking a cut from a tip, especially as we also pay Fiverr on top of the tip, so they get two bites of the cherry. Poor business, and I agree with your comments wholeheartedly. I wouldn’t do business with sellers who try to game the system, and I’m sure there could be a sensible limit on tipping to avoid such abuse. So a seller who regularly sells $5 gig and gets $20 tips because they are really charging $25 would get caught out pretty quickly. Make tips free for buyers and sellers!

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thanks I dind’t know about this… Maybe my faith in humanity was overly optimistic… ;9)
still think there are better ways to respond but mabe a bit less pissed off if there was a genuine reason for it…

One more small thing is the transparency …
In all our info this side as sellers it jsut shows the amount that we have ‘received’ under the tip section… not the amount given…
I only looked into this cos i kept thinking it was odd that people gave really random amount for tips… Feels a bit slimy that they don’t show the tip that was given and then the cut taken… hey ho… enough now… thanks all

Agreed. As a regular buyer I’ve become blind to the request now. If I want to tip I’ll do it when I decide, not because Fiverr tells me ‘It’s customary to tip’.


Thanks for taking the time to clarify your point.

I don’t think the OP of this thread was intending to say they’re losing out on a consistent income as it seemed your response was implying. I never said it was a badge of honor. It’s a financial reward a buyer MAY feel you deserve for going the extra mile in their eyes. My key issue was how you implied that a way to make a consistent tip was by raising prices which are two different things. One is an optional reward, the other is gig progression which should happen when a seller feels they’re delivering more value. The tip function will always be there regardless.

As for the system manipulation, any seller who attemps to do such a thing will quickly find out the hard way that it’s not viable. As you yourself said, they can easily be scammed out of hard work. I can see how this may be abused between sellers and buyers with consistent work relationships, I’ll grant you that. But at the same time, wouldn’t a regular $95 tip be suspect? Surely automation can take care of that. If Fiverr’s systems can flag and hide a sentence containing the phrase “outside of Fiverr”, I’m quite certain they can do similar things with other functions on the platform.

I feel in the end, regardless of the angle we want to take, the truth is that the Tips system isn’t here for us. It’s for Fiverr. And that’s fine, really. It’s our choice to use their platform just as much as it is to progress to setting up our own shops if we make it that far. It’s also fine, though, to feel that a reward you received for good service was something you deserved to get in full.

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Huh, didn’t know this was a thing in the past. Still, their flagging systems are quite efficient and robust. I’d imagine they would have ways to counter these issues. Oh well…

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True, but then again there are thousands upon thousands of sellers that rely solely on buyer requests for orders. I can only assume any type of order, even a manipulative one can be a godsend for them as they try to build up their profile.

Anyway, as long as this is a source of income for Fiverr, I don’t see that 20% cut going away.

Sure, they could spend time and resources to try and stop any manipulation. But that means more work on their side and no return. Why would they do that? The current system is working well for Fiverr, it makes sellers happy since they can get a tip, and Fiverr also gets a cut.

I never expect any tips, so anything extra is always welcome for me. And since I don’t have to pay huge fees for advertising my business online, Fiverr can take a few bucks from my tip. After all, they provide all the infrastructure, advertising.