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20 days and orders aren't delivred yet ! please help


i have 2 active orders , one buyer i agreed with him for that because he has some problems, the 2nd with a buyer who is simply absent !

what to do in the 2 situations ?

Up, I’d like to know too

Up ! please need help

It’s very simple, demand a mutual cancellation with the buyer with problems, and a forced cancellation with the absent buyer. In the future, don’t work with buyers that take too long, unless you know them ans trust them.

Reply to @fastcopywriter: the first buyer who has problems i trust him and he liked the work, we worked many times before. the 2nd buyer told me that he will pay for what i did, but he didn’t show up, and i don’t want to work for free. what i am asking really : is there any deadline for the orders ? for exemple after one month , late orders we’ll be automatically cancelled ! how long can i wait ?

Reply to @imadou: If you make a delivery, the order will be marked as complete in 3-days. If not, there’s a clock counting backwards that shows you how much time you have left. I would suggest delivering something, even an explanation, over getting automatically cancelled which hurts your rating.

Reply to @imadou: for what you did? so the work is actually worth more than $5 before the buyer added the missing funds??

That’s something you should never do

Reply to @fastcopywriter: i think that’s what i will do, the first buyer is a regular customer, i can deliver and continue the work after. for the second, i will also deliver, he said that he liked what i did.

thanks for reply

Reply to @imadou: My pleasure, best of luck with your business. Your situation is still better than having no buyers.

Also be sure to review the gigs you have that are getting that many non-action items. Maybe you need to rewrite your description or request from buyer to make sure they understand what you need before the work can be completed.

Reply to @timbrewolf: thanks for answering. in fact , like i said one buyer is a customer, i contacted him and we agreed to deliver. but the second is absent and not answering. what i wanted to know is if fiverr puts a deadline on delivring late orders even if you agree with the buyer to extend ?

since there is over 5 post and nobody seems to understand your question i will help you.

i had to go to president obama to get this answer for you here is what he said below

send the order as completed with a message

hi xxxxxxxxxxxxx i will mark this gig as completed for now so the timer remains paused , once you come back you can hit the re- delivery button

scientist is not needed for this

Reply to @ilovecustomers: thanks a lot