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20 days here and no work yet ... Any suggestion?

Hello everyone,
It has been about 20 days and I am still without any work.

Can someone kindly check on my GIG and suggest if it needs improvement or am I just becoming impatient? Will greatly appreciate any tips/help.

Don’t just wait!

Check out: New Sellers … Success Doesn’t Come To Those Who Wait!


Hello Mahmood26,

Sorry to hear that you’re not getting orders.

20 days is not too bad if you’ve just joined Fiverr.

However, as @lloydsolutions said, there are plenty of good advices on the Forum that can help new sellers. Patience is important but it’s always best to take action and find new ways to promote your service.

I’ve checked your Gig and it seems well presented to me.

I can see that you’re offering typing service, it must be a highly competitive field on Fiver. Perhaps that’s why it takes longer for you to rank your Gig. In this regard, make sure you’re using all the right keywords and search tags.

Since you’re offering 1 day turnaround for your bronze package, if I were you I would mention “24H” in the Gig title (buyers who need a typing service are probably looking for a fast turnaround).

Also, since you’re also transcribing audio / video files, perhaps you could create a separate Gig for that? In this way you would differentiate your offers.

Just my two cents.

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Thanks for your valuable suggestions and especially for taking the pain of going through my GIG. I am really grateful.

You mentioned saying “24H” in title. I agree but can you kindly suggest how to use it, because I also want to use “quickly and efficiently” and GIG doesn’t allow that many characters to use. Any suggestion?

I only received 24 impressions and 3 clicks so far. Is this average reasonable or low?

You’re welcome. I am glad if I could be of any help.

Yes, I would add “24h” in the title, so that any prospective buyer who is looking for a fast turnaround will instantly know what you’re offering.

It’s not necessary, but it could be useful.

You could write “I will handle your typing needs, quickly and efficiently in 24h”. Or “I will efficiently handle your typing needs in 24h”, or something along these lines.

I know it’s hard to squeeze all the right words in a short title.

I am not sure what the average is during the first month.
However, I remember that my Gigs did not perform well during the first weeks.

What helped me at the beginning was converting those few clicks into actual orders. After receiving the first positive reviews, some other orders came, and so on.