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20 files limit you know ..?


can anyone know why i am facing problems while delivering multiples files on order pages …2 days ago i received order of 50 Instagram post designing .now i am delivering these files but it does not allow me to attache more than 20 files… can anyone have better suggestion …
please remember that client is unable to open Rar folder and I ALSO DO NOT WANT TO SEND THESE POST WITHOUT FIVERR WATER MARK… WHAT IS BEST POSSIBLE SOLUTION .


The maximum number of files you can upload is 20.

Since you don’t want to archive the files as a single zip file, you can split the delivery into 3.
You deliver the first 20 files, then you deliver again another 20, and then the last 10 files.


I hear you on this. I actually recommend clients and I create multiple separate custom orders so that I can fit in all the files into each delivery with watermarks, where applicable. it’s a project management nightmare, I know, but as you say we have to protect ourselves!


If he can use zip files you could use that. You could also put all the files in a dropbox folder.

Doing the above won’t put the Fiverr watermark in. Though if you wanted that you could put some of the files attached to Fiverr (so it adds the Fiverr watermark) and the rest in a zip or dropbox folder. So the buyer would get up to 20 files with the Fiverr watermark and the rest without it.

You could also show the buyer all files in a preview (if there’s time), with watermarks, and ask if the buyer is happy with them and if so then actually deliver them all (where some/all could be without watermarks).