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20 Gigs - I did it!

I now have 20 gigs that are live. I’m considering removing some as I still have more ideas for gigs.

I think some of my newer gigs are actually better than my older gigs haha.

Anyone else here with 20 gigs?

Murray / Creativeman

Wow, your username says it all. Very creative!!! Best of luck :wink:

Thanks, all the best with you too annai80

I really need to get one this because I hear it’s really beneficial! I currently only have 3, and that is because I paused a few that were not doing well. Good work getting 20 up! Must of been hard work.

Congratulations! Your gigs and the graphics look great too. I see most have reviews already. You put the work and time into it and will be reaping the rewards. You’re an inspiration.