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$20 gone from my account?



I’m new to fiverr and earned $44 in the first 3 weeks. I transfered $4 to my account (because it’s all that was available…why…i would love to know too) , but after my transfer it stated that my balance is now $40, which is normal right, but then 2 days later it shows that i have earned $20 so far this month. What happened to the other $20? This upsets me and the fact that i have $4 available at the moment to paypal. Why not the full amount if i wanted to? ???

Please help me out here. Thanks


You don’t understand my point. I had $44 in my account because of 11 gigs i did ok and the balanced showed $44 a couple of days ago but last night when i logged on it showed i have only earned $20 so far this month…??? So where did the $20 go because i only transferred $4 that was ‘‘available’’ to my paypal account. You can do the math yourself seeing that i’ve only been on Fiverr for less then a month and it’s impossible to have $44 cleared because it takes two weeks like you just said for a gig to clear…

I’m looking for answers please !!!



Hi, this is a users forum. @kjblynx may have not understood exactly what you were asking or looking for, but neither did I. Her answer is an obvious, but helpful response.

No one here can really tell you where your money is or went. The best thing to do is contact Fiverr support with screen shots to support your query.

Good luck! :slight_smile:


I think i know what you are saying.I think you have only 20 this month cuz the rest of the money you made was in the month november and the month changed to december.


@predyxx, maybe you’re right, but i can’t see a full balance anywhere. If i want to see my total income it still shows me only $20. Thanks for the message


Reply to @jacusauc: Hmmm…go to Sales>>>Analytics and check where it says “You became $xx richer since joining Fiverr!” if that is correct you will recive your money intro your account 14 days after the completed order