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20+ Hours for a Cancellation.....FUN!


I’m frustrated and just want to rant. Someone reaches out to me about my Sports Logo gigs and they want 3 cricket logos and 3 jerseys. I think “Hey! This guy is giving me a lot of work, might as well give them a deal.” I essentially gave him half priced for it. The ideas he described for the jersey wasn’t in my skill set and I let him know. He says it’s fine and just do something simple.

I work and work and work on it. Deliver it to him how he wanted the logos (and deliver some stuff I’m super proud of), he requests a change. This happens multiple times with me essentially creating all new logos for him each time. After the logos are “done” he asks for changes for the jerseys. Easy enough…NOPE! He wants everything like what I told him I couldn’t do. We go back and forth and I learn that everything I make will be out of my comfort level, will not look good, and won’t ever satisfy my customer. I spent 20+ hours on a $40 job. I work a full time job from home and I’m married. I wore myself out for this job because we needed the money.

Today, he decides to cancel and use another designer that might be able to give him what he wants. I’ve never felt so devalued before in my life. I poured A LOT out for this job and he cancelled.

Just want to rant…this is the fiverr life at times.


You got an arsehole. He shat on you. Don’t let other buyers do this to you.


I have no idea how to not let another user do this to me though. It’s super frustrating. At least I dodged a negative review


Don’t assume/believe unknown buyers will give you lots of work. “Just do something simple” is a warning sign: That buyer probably doesn’t know what they want, and your “something simple” will give them a starting point to shop with someone else.

Also, you’re not a new seller, why cut your prices in half for 3 gigs? That doesn’t make sense to me. Are your prices that inflated compared to the value, that your results are worth half when someone does 3?

Break it into smaller pieces, don’t do unlimited revisions. Don’t give a volume discount unless they accept something and buy more down the road. Think of “buy 2 (or 4), get the next one half-price”. (Just a suggestion, something like that…) BUT don’t give that discount until they finish and pay for X gigs and you have established a working relationship with them.

You can still get burned, as they can cancel after the fact, but get one thing done first, get it accepted, then do another… Some buyers will take advantage of you and say they will do lots with you for a cheap price now.

There are just OK sellers, and just OK buyers, both sides of the transaction need to protect themselves. Not news to you.

Maybe I’m missing something.


I like to give deals when people order in bulk. I also didn’t want to tell him it was a $70 gig. I’ve never had a gig cost that much. I don’t know what I was thinking.


It’s scary to raise prices when you never have, but you have to start. You’re likely worth more than you’re currently charging. Raise that amount man!


Not a problem by me. That said, when someone gives a 50% discount for buying three, that says to me their original price is inflated. Could just be me, and I respect you can discount anyway you want.

Note that there is no value in ordering two from you. I can order three, have you do more work, and I still get a lower price (although if I cancel AFTER your create all three, now you’ve worked on three for nothing.)

I can see a 10% or 15% off maybe… but that’s just me.

You can give the same deal by saying something like: After your second paid gig, get the third one free. They get a great deal, you get some protection. (Again: If someone intends on cheating you, they can do it either way…)

If your current system is working for you, go for it!


From my point of view, there’s nothing wrong with offering a deal for bulk orders but be firm about the amount of revisions you offer. You need to establish that both you and the buyer understand what (roughly) you’re going to provide. And they (the buyer) need to make up their mind about how they expect it to look like. Unlimited revisions aren’t helping anyone.


Don’t take on work if you have any doubts. Don’t let a buyer persuade you. Go with your gut.