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20% off coupon not working


I’ve got a 20% off coupon for first time customers (********) and it doesn’t seem to be working, I get an ‘error’ message. I tried the 10% off coupon and that works.

Anyone else have the same issue? And does anyone have the correct coupon code for 20% off?



As the forum has been closed (not by me), just a quick update, this is what i got from customer support:

“I reviewed your request and this promotional codes are either not in use anymore or do not exist.”

This is despite the 10% code actually working. If anyone has a 20% code that actually works please get in contact, if that’s even possible.

Thank you.

I have the coupon ******* , which I believe is available to users for their first order.

Thanks for that.

Did it work for you? I just get ‘error’ in red.

I can’t say as I haven’t ordered yet, sorry. I’m planning to place an order in two days and use that coupon, so I’ll see then.

Perhaps you could contact customer support? This seems like something they’d be concerned about.

Oh ok. I tried it again and still comes up with error. Not sure if the’re dodgy codes or just expired.

Yeah emailed them earlier, still waiting for a response. Thanks for your help.

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Customer Support would be the ones to talk with for more info.

Create a Support ticket here.