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20% off first purchase - No answer from support for 8 days

Hello. I’ve submitted a support request 8 days ago with no answer from support.

I’ve just signed up last week for Fiverr as a buyer via a referral link and have a question about the conditions of the 20% off promotion for my first purchase. Specifically if this offers works for any type of purchase, also when I wouldn’t purchase a predefined gig but a project negotiated with a seller. And also if there is a limit on the amount the 20% off will work for?

Thank you very much.


Welcome to the Fiverr forums.

I couldn’t find the current promo’s conditions, but I found some others. It would probably be safe to assume similar apply to the one you hold.

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Thank you very much for taking the time to post the links.

That still doesn’t answer my questions though.

Would be great if a forum moderator or admin would pass on to the Fiverr support that my support request is unanswered for 8 days now and that I get an answer before the weekend directly from an official side.

I need a definite answer to both my questions.

The support chat also seems not to work, the chat window disappears shortly after clicking on the button.

Thanks again.

The forums are Discourse, and separate from the main Fiverr platform. We are buyers and sellers like you. Customer Support is severely behind right now and taking 10-15+ days to respond to new tickets.

Please read number 9: Community Standards & Forum Rules - 2020

If you still have the message that contains the code, it should have it’s own T&C link.