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20 percent decrease on order cancel

I just had a order cancelled, my rating were 100 percent after cancellation it fell to 80 percent. How is this possible? Please clarify


Have you completed 4 orders in the last 60 days and had 1 cancellation in the last 60 days? If so, that might be why.

1 is 20% of 5. So 80% (4) are completed in the last 60 days.

Oh right. Understood. It shouldnt happen this way. Getting rating up is tough while getting it down is so easy. Thanks for explaining

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You should put ‘contact me before placing an order to prevent cancellations’ in the description to reduce cancellations :DDD

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Helpful conversation, Thanks everyone!

I have already added, he still placed without discussion. Buyers dont read they just place. I have metntioned at the first line.