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20% Rip Off

Where on this website does it say "A fiver Less 20%"

It’s a bloody rip off

In my 13 years making a living online I never made so much money with so little effort. Trust me, a 20% fee is a bargain! ^:)^

soloadshere said: Where on this website does it say "A fiver Less 20%"

It's a bloody rip off

Compared to a dozen other methods I use to get voice over work, Fiverr's 20% is very reasonable and one of the least expensive.

I am with @madmoo on this one. I noticed it too before signing up here. 20% may seem a lot but this site looks neater than others that I will not mention for obvious reasons. In Europe we have got 5 euro sites. Obviously 5 euros are more than 5 dollars. But when you sign up there, you do not get any business (Ok, my experience only here). I can think of lots of reasons other than that that buyers would want to buy here. Secondly here we can rely on a great community.

So I would rather sign up for the 5 dollars that I can get than for the 5 euros that I never will get. Secondly, once you have a level (after 10 gigs app.) you have the ability to make more than 5 dollars. It seems to work for me.

What I was wondering is does fiverr also take 20% of any extras sold?

Reply to @madmoo: OK. Thanks.

dear, Fiverr take fee 20%, like Google adsense take 32% review sharing

Completely WORTH it! All the marketing, the organization, bringing clients to YOU.

Without the 20% fee, they’d have no money to pay their overheads - staff, servers, etc. Without them payments, they wouldn’t be here and thus neither would we. Although no one likes an expense on their income, I think 20% is pretty reasonable.

Definitely worth the 20%. Seriously though, Fiverr needs to make money too.

There’s no much we can do. I do agree 20% is too high. But as long as they are as successful as they are, it will always be 20%.

we have the option to start a petition, have many of us sign it and support it, and send it to Fiverr in an attempt to lower their fees. The free market is a powerful force. Hence, as long as they are successful, the fee will be at 20%. But we try to change their mind with a petition.

A petition can be started @


Seriously are people really complaining? DAMN !!! Fiver Admins must be saying “WTF”

I think its very reasonable. Considering the amount of exposure you get. Traffic is hard to find and Fiverr does a great job on that front. Shuttup and take my money :smiley:

COMPLETELY & DEFINITELY worth it… love you Fiverr :slight_smile:

I think it’s reasonable, as long as there is a job for me. So I don’t mind, let fiverr get 1$ commission :wink:

Compared to setting up your own website, paying for hosting, finding a payment gateway, marketing and everything else, 20% is nothing.

Option to start a petition?

Did you read the TOS, before signing up?

Where else are you going to get the services Fiverr provides you for a mere 20%?

How about the option to leave?

I’ve sold on a number of other sites, including Etsy, and have seen WAY more traffic on Fiverr than any of the others. 20% is about average for commission selling sites.

@LuisBlandon, Write a petition? Seriously?

Fiverr need to make money to get the ship going you know.

If I don’t like it, I’ll just quit. Simple

They need to pay their bills too right? Btw think of the marketing budget that we need to spend if we are to bring clients to our own website? Crazy right?

I think 20% is fair.