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200+ Buyer Requests, 0 Orders

Hi Respected Fiverr Users!
I’m Fasih ul Islam.
I’m new to Fiverr And Having Issues in Getting Orders, I’ve Sent almost 200 Buyer Request But Haven’t got any Order till now.
I’m Providing Graphic Design Services (Currently Just Logo) And I Believe I Write an Effective Reply to People who Post Requests. an Example is
" Hi (Person’s Name)
I would Love to Make a Perfectly Simple (Yet Attractive)
Logo (2 Concepts) for Your Candle Company. Kindly Visit
My Profile to check PortFolio, Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed!

                     Fasih ul Islam"

The thing that you begin each word of your sentence with a capital letter is kind of irritating. I am sure its not just me who finds it annoying. Please try to keep it simple.

Also mentioning the features in brackets is unnecessary and unprofessional.


I will try to eliminate these mistakes from now on.

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Please remove unlimited revision. Search the forum and you will find that unlimited revision is going to cost you your money even months after you are finished with order.


Should I remove unlimited revisions from my gigs too?
I use to provide unlimited revisions each time I bid on Buyer Requests.

If you want to work for free for the rest of your life then you use unlimited revision.

Other then that, nobody offers unlimited revision.

Sure.I will go deep about unlimited revisions.
Thanks for Caution!

Firstly, I admire anyone who speaks a second language as it is a real skill. However, I do think your English is letting you down big time.

Your profile description states ‘I am Not Best, But I will do THE BEST!’ Apart from being grammatically incorrect, this a really unattractive statement for a potential buyer to read. I understand what you are getting at (you’re being Mr Nice Guy rather than Mr Ego like so many sellers), but no buyer wants to read that you’re not the best. What’s wrong with just saying “I will do my very best for you”?

Also, the only useful bit of information in your profile description is “I’m a Graphic Designer that will make your meet your Desired Expectations on provided Guidelines.” But even that’s not very useful, and again grammatically it is disastrous.

You don’t talk about how many years you’ve been a graphic designer, or any qualifications you might have as a graphic designer, or how many projects you’ve worked on. There’s nothing that will give your potential buyer confidence to trust you with their work and money.

As a graphic designer you are up against some very strong competition, so you’ve got to make your profile stronger.


The random capitalisation of words is visually unappealing – not a good look for a designer!

As a general rule, capitalise the first letter of an actual name, and the first letter in a new sentence. Everything else should be in lower case.

This sentence:

I’m Fasih ul Islam. I’m new to Fiverr And Having Issues in Getting Orders,

should read:

I’m Fasih ul Islam. I’m new to Fiverr and having issues in getting orders [sic]…


I’m thankful to you for this all.
I’m not a good speaker of English. You made me Feel Really Inferior.
I’m not getting any idea what to Write there.
Yes, I will put a good profile description similar to “I will do my very best for you.”, or will directly put it.
After that, you said my profile description is “Grammatically Disastrous”. How can I improve these things? to attract more customers?

I’m thankful to you ahmwritingco.

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Please understand I do not want to make you feel inferior, that’s why I deliberately wrote I admire anyone who speaks a second language. Seriously, I don’t care where people are based in the world, if they’ve got a skill then let’s celebrate it!

However, you’ve asked why you haven’t got any orders. I do think your language skills are letting you down. There’s no easy way to sugarcoat that. Although I don’t like tools like Google Translate, such tools are better than nothing.

There are thousands of sellers offering $5 graphic design / PhotoShop gigs. Some profiles are excellent and written in very clear native level English that inspires confidence in the seller, and some profiles make very little sense in English - to the point where a buyer would probably dismiss working with that person.

My advice would be to write about your skills and experience - information that is relevant to the gigs you offer.

Also, you might want to look at your three designs. They are all very similar: created in silver or gold writing on a black background with a 60 degree tilt to the wording. Add some variety to your examples. Show you can work with different designs.

Please accept my comments as trying to be helpful. You obviously care about selling on Fiverr, but if you ask for help from the community on why your gigs aren’t selling - then you’ve also got to expect some honest (and perhaps not easy to read) replies.


Firstly, thank you Michael for all these guidelines.

I really appreciate and loved your method to speak and to paying attention.
And yes, sorry, I understand you don’t wanted to make me feel inferior. I will try more harder to improve my communication and writing skills.

After that, as you said, I will provide my experience years and qualifications in gig’s description, and will show variety in my gigs’ images.

I would love to say thanks once more.

Seriously, I admire what you’re doing. Communicating (and making yourself understood) in a language that isn’t your own is tough.

But when you’re competing against thousands of other sellers, you’ve really got to ensure that what you’re writing is the very best it can be. Good luck :slight_smile:

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It made me attentive a lot.

Hi, I really liked reading your comment. Your explanations are clear and easy to understand. I’m sure he will also get it easily.

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