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200 buyer requests sent! Only got 1 order from buyer request!

I am working as a seller in Fiverr. But there is no improvement in my position. I have already sent 200 buyer requests. I had only got one order from the 200 buyer requests. I don’t know where I am making the mistakes. So, I need help so that I can improve my position.

Thanks .


Probably there is some problem in your way of writing the offer. Can you show us something that you sent?


I’m really sorry hearing your tough experience.

I sent 275 buyer requests and completed 465 orders so far in my case in last couple of years.

You may try quicker requests and all the unique requests instead of generic (if you use generic verbiage). Also read the job requirements carefully. Ask relevant question if there is any. And check if the gigs could be more improved in anyway. There might be some other points about some others would mention.

Better luck!


We can’t reaally help you without seeing an example of requests that you are sending as @pacquo mentioned earlier.

If you need help with that then you might want to share one if requests with us and maybe then we might be able to point out on your mistakes.

Personally I needed some work done for me and I posted a request and all responses I got was something like “I can do this job, sir/mam, believe me”
And only 2 people sent proposal according to my request.


Please check this, here is one:
Hello! I am sure that I can do this project perfectly and my works will be definitely creative and attractive and also you will be satisfied with them! Please feel free to message me anytime and I am waiting for your response. Thanks and have a great day!

To be honest I wouldn’t have even pay attention to this response. Right now it looks like copy paste and exactly what I mentioned before if I simplify it it will sound like “I can do this job, trust me” and that’s a big sign for me to run away.

Would you hire yourself in this case?

I would suggest adding information relating to a specific buyer request. if you have questions don’t be afraid to ask, that will only make client feel that you are interested in the project.

But I would suggest to look at the thread in this forum on how to respond to buyer requests.


Thank you so much for your suggestion.

If you type “write buyer request” in the search bar above you will find several posts on how to write an effective reply to a Buyer Request.


Congratulation. The success rate is a bit low but at least you got a positive response & made a sell. Are you using templates? better not to use it. Try to give some hints on your application, how you solve the project, buyers may confident to contact you knowing that you are the right seller for his/her project.


first of all, you got one response so that’s a start.

I’ll sound a bit harsh from here. I checked your gigs, and immediately I was quite sure that
you were not the right person if I had a request. If you are trying to get potential buyers’ attention, why not add more sample images? One gig says that you will design “Awesome Social Media Design,” but I see NO design, just a sign with letters on it. Same thing with the logo gig, I see just one sample image. Have you checked other successful sellers’ gigs?


In my case, I’m a Level 1 seller with a 3% conversion rate. I joined Fiverr in September 2018, and I’ve responded to over a thousand buyer requests since. Fiverr rewards the prudent so keep at it. Every brand or business goes through this process but remember you can always earn referrals from that one order and who knows what that’ll lead to

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I have got the point. Thank you so much for your suggestion.

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This is what one buyer says she wants in an offer given to her BR.

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January is my first month on Fiverr, I’ve earnt $200+ this month.

EVERY order I’ve had has been from Buyer Requests.

I’ve had 20+ Orders.

It’s something your doing wrong, if your English skills are poor, if they don’t think your qualified or if they have no confidence in you.


I understand how hard this must be for you. My advice is that, in responding to requests, try as much as you can to ensure that you make the client know that you understand what they want and tell them what it will take to get it done, and then letting them know that it’s something you are able to do, and would be interested in doing if they give you the chance. In other words, you have to respond to every request uniquely, so that it is specific to what the clients want. Because If you give a generic response, it will only make the client think you’re just desperate, and not the right person for the job.


@cornishseo…I am happy and wish to record same positive experience just like yours …I am also new here and I have sent couples of request without response…Please kindly share how you put together your own winning proposal forward. Thank you in anticipation


I use to have some success using buyers request as I have completed over 22 orders, but recently I can even get a reply.

Thanks for your valuable tips that asking a relevent question to buyer @engshimul
I am a new seller in fiverr passing 37 day. Complete 7 order with 6 review and 3 order in hand. So what I send buyer a relevent solutions of his request & get results.
Avoid $5 = full website.
Think it’s may help you @ajoysahagd
Happy freelancing

I have applied to close to 5500 requests in my five years here. It only takes one or two that turn into repeat customers t make it worth it. Keep at it, and read around for the best way to write a proposal.