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200 gigs or a custom order?

i am a new seller here. and i want to know, should i ask my buyer to order 200 gigs or place a custom order?

i think if he order more gigs , he can give more reviews. is it so

i am confused, help me???

Reply to @jagroopsingh: Thanks Sardarji :slight_smile:

That was my mistake. It should be 10 custom offers of $100 each. You have got nice buyer :slight_smile:

Definitely custom order. May I ask if you don’t mind, what service are you providing for 200 gigs?

I definitely second @idesigngraphic. It’ll be a little annoying for your customer to order and leave feedback 200 times. You’ll definitely want more reviews but you always want to make sure that the customer has the best experience possible. I think a good alternative is the offering in smaller sections, that way you can make sure that the customer is satisfied with the first batch before you continue, and you will get more reviews.

Lowering the price for an order this big is a great idea, how much of a discount you should give depends on how much the total price is, and how much your work is worth. Don’t give a discount so large that you are giving away your work, because your work is always valuable.

Good luck!

Custom order!

A custom order is the right way to go, but I’d add that you shouldn’t do all the work in one big order. If there are 200 tasks to be done - if I were in your shoes - I’d break them into four custom orders of 50 tasks each. Only work on one batch at a time, and don’t start the next batch of 50 tasks until the previous one has been marked as finished and with a positive review. If you’re dealing with a scammer, this will help you reduce the chances that he or she could get all the work out of you in one order, and then dispute it with PayPal and get a refund via a chargeback.

custom order will make the work to be coordinated properly and easier for you.

name such price and you will scare the buyer away, especially goes for newcomers… :slight_smile: it’s just my opinion

Absolutely you have to go with custom offer… This is easy for you and your buyer. Thanks

Send 10 custom offers of $20 each. This way you will get 20 review to boost your rating and buyer will also feel safe. I have seen sellers have 79 reviews from one buyer out of 81 and that’s nothing wrong.

God bless.

go for the count of 10. feels safer way for the both buyer and seller :slight_smile:

@ruslancer, that’s a great one!

Very nice indian guy! Hello Jagroopsingh

Well do you want your client to work more than you will to complete his/her order? He is here to be facilitated not to do lot of work. And 200 orders means 1000 bucks so never ever try to make such huge buyer offended by such demands of placing these many orders. Ye you can break it in some parts even that is not advised

I would recommend breaking it into parts and sending custom offers for it. It would still count as positive reviews for you. I am not sure how fiverr would treat getting 200 reviews from 1 person as it raises a flag so I think it is better to have custom offers.

I just have a comment on price.
I am not sure why most sellers recommends making a low offer when you are new as later you will want to increase your price when you realize that you are working for peanuts. Also, when the buyer returns and realizes that you have a new price he may not like that.
Create a price and stick to it. Not all situations mean that you can give a discount on bulk orders. I do translations and I do not reduce the price for large texts as I spend more time on the project and for extremely technical complicated text I even increase my price. If it is a regular customer then I may offer them a discount or extra services but it is not guaranteed.

Think about what this project is worth to you, how much time you will be spending on it and then set your price. If doing it 200 times is like only 10 times then give a discount but if 200 times is really 200 times then consider if a discount is a good idea.

200 gigs? For answering a question about India? I would be suspicious that this is a scam.

Your basic gig is $5 for them to ask you any questions. Why would anyone need to order 200 worth of gigs?

Why would anyone pay $1000, just for information? That is money they can use for a hotel or their plane ticket.

I think you are possibly being set up for a scam.

Or are you offering something that is not in the gig?

What exactly did this buyer ask for, that you feel you need to charge them 200 gigs/extras for it? Did they ask you to write a travel book or something?

an it looks very bad if you have many reviews from the same person so that is not a good thing. It says to everyone else that you are a scammer and not real. Think about it, if you were looking to buy a gig from somenoe and you saw the same message even just 10 times right in a row from the same seller that said “excellent work” wouldn’t you think that seller is a fake?

Also, with any new buyer wanting to order a large gig, you should maybe have them buy just one basic gig first, send them the work and then make sure they are happy with your work.

Definitely a custom order…much easier for everyone!