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+200 reviews! Oh, yeah!

I’ve got over 200 reviews for my profile in total from all sales I’ve made on Fiverr, but my #1 seller just broke 200 positive reviews. Oh, yeah!

Congrats @jamesbulls!

Congrats I recently broke the 200 mark as well ;). Wishing you continous success!

Congats. Looking that when i will cross this milestone. Hope to see it soon. Insha Allah


Reply to @usahmad: Hitting 100 reviews on your gig is a big help. For some reason, something about having +100 reviews makes buyers really take notice. After I cleared 100 reviews, I had a burst of really good sales. Same happened at the 200 level - I had a $100 day yesterday!

Reply to @jamesbulls: But here after promoting to level 1, sells are reduced. Will you please visit my profile and give me suggestions to make my profile more attractive for buyers?

Reply to @usahmad: The reason your sales dropped off after getting level 1 is because Fiverr no longer considers you a new seller and has stopped giving you increased exposure. You can try to fix this problem from within Fiverr by optimizing your gigs (good banner photo, attractive preview pictures, well-written ad copy), but in the long run you have to advertise your services outside of Fiverr. Here’s some links to get you started:

I wrote a guide with +32 tips and tricks based on what I learned. These tips worked for me as a new seller, and they still work for me as a level 2 seller:

The Fiverr podcast just did an episode about how to advertise outside of Fiverr:

That’s all I’ve got for you. Good luck :slight_smile: