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$2000 AVAILABLE FUNDS - NewYear MileStone REACHED -


Hey guys… This has been an amazing year.
Like every other, it has had its ups and downs.
Well for me, thanks God, it was an amazing year. I have started earning money on fiverr like 4 and a half months ago. I have earned almost $2.5K in total in that period, but I have decided to give myself a Milestone. To have $2000 dollars available at NewYears eve, or before hehe.
Well in the morning when I checked out my fiverr I have had somewhat $1955 dollars, and I have thought I was not gonna meet my goal. Now, when I checked out my fiverr… BOOM… There they are… $2000 available dollars for withdrawal. And I have decided to up the game. By february, I will have another 2000 dollars available. and after that I will try and make the 1K per month milestone.

I am very thankful for the amazing projects that I have had, and the opportunity to meet so many different people who have requested all sorts of stuff from me :smiley:

Thank you all, and I hope you have an amazing New Year!
All the best in 2018 For ya guys!


Awesome milestone. :tada:

Withdraw it! Remember the dark web is watching. It’s kinda like an open invitation! :pineapple:


Congratulations. Really surprise how did you do that


I didnt give up bro :smiley:


Wow, you are right. We must secure our money at all times. Thank you :smiley:
Hope all is good with you Nika :smiley: