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(2000 words-$5) Creative Writing: Engaging Storytelling

Hello, Fiverr folks!

For the “too long;didn’t read version”, scroll down!

I’m new to these parts, but I’m definitely not new when it comes to writing and in-depth storytelling. I’ve been writing and improving my skills for over 12 years. Creative writing is a passion of mine. Any time I write something, I put all of my effort and drive into it. Especially when it comes to entertaining and satisfying a buyer! When I write something, I’m all in and living through the characters rather than just stroking my fingers across the keys without thinking about the quality of the writing.

I currently have two available creative writing gigs:

1.) (PG stories and/or 18+)

2.) (18+ erotic material)

Each gig has detailed information in the description as well as extras (such as “excessive kinks” in both gigs when 18+ material is being written). I am also always more than happy to answer any questions here or via private message! I do receive e-mail alerts on my phone when I receive messages, so I can answer when I’m out and about!

Happy selling and buying, everyone!



Information unable to fit into the gig will be added here! The following information with pertain to both gigs listed in the OP.


  • Fantasy (includes mythical creatures and times not historically accurate)
  • Fantasy/historical (fantasy with a mix of historical setting)
  • Historical (settings placed in the past with historical themes)
  • Scifi (styles including Firefly, Star Wars, etc)
  • Modern (such as the times we live in now, which is commonly used for modern teen dramas, 18+ career scenarios, etc)
  • Modern/fantasy (such as the times we live in now with a mix of fantasy including mythical species/races, magic, attire)
  • Comics (primarily DC/Marvel, original characters or fan-fiction)
  • Anime (either for original characters or fan-fiction)

  • Adventure
  • Romance
  • Revenge
  • Mystery and/or noir (“a cinematic term used primarily to describe stylish Hollywood crime dramas, particularly those that emphasize cynical attitudes and sexual motivations.”)
  • Teen drama
  • War/violence
  • 18+ sexual/violent themes
  • A mix of any of these and more!