200k backlink and results


I bought service 200 k backlink in fiverr, when checking the report I see a lot of link pingback and very little from the referral domain, this is not good for SEO


I am not really sure what you are expecting here on the forum regarding your purchased gig.

Please contact Customer Service for any issues:


I am curious what you paid for it?

What do you mean by “very little from the referral domain”? Very few clicks from those sites?


Are you trying to shoot your own leg? This can get you an instant google ban when these backlinks are indexed. Btw as a tip from my side - Quality is better than Quantity. Same applies to SEO, buying some guest posts is a much better option. If you want to buy backlinks(which is no way adviced) then go for safe link pyramids…

The ones you bought should have been created with RapidIndexer or something like that. Or at the best with GSA SER.


you bought 200K backlinks and are surprised a lot are pingbacks


Yup, of course, too much link pingback


Thanks, a useful suggestions


I want to test the backlink services on fiverr, service I bought has a lot of good reviews, but the quality of the backlink is not as good as the reviews that I have read


I don’t think the pingback is backlink


How pingbacks work -
A do-follow(sometimes no-follow) backlink is created on a website that is regularly crawled by Search engines.

So technically a pingback can also be defined as a backlink.

Btw I randomly visited 3 websites from the list in the screenshot and all the 3 are dead domains. You can guess the quality from this.


ping-follow-do-null0-hack-link… :wink:


Normally I wouldn’t waste time on these and get GSA SER and Xromour along with Supreme. Ohh the old blackhat days. :grin:


pingbacks are links, or at least they are if created correctly… Anyway if you have an issue with them I would address it with the seller


Dysfunctional since utilization of abnormal domain names.


Still a lot of dead links anymore, even though I chose to purchase the seller level 2 and higher ratting


I am no SEO expert but have created and managed several sites in the past and from my experience you need to try out guest/forum posting.


@bigforest Ultimately the forum can only address this to a degree. You’ve received some feedback. You bought a service and you received something for your payment. If you don’t feel you received what you paid for, you have to address that with the seller. If you did not get anything, you could have asked for a refund. If you got poor service, you can leave a review about it. If you think the seller should be reported to Customer Support, that is your option as well.

If I purchase an e-book that has lots of good reviews and an author who has published 50 books, my risk is a little less than if I bought a book with no reviews and no history. It still doesn’t mean that I will like or love the book. If I buy a book and receive one page, that is not a book and I will demand my money back. If I buy a book and don’t like it, I might not buy from that author again. Good luck.


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