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2013 discussion - no phone # - 2015 still no # not even a live chat option:-( this sucks

I joined Fiverr last night on my Kindle and bought a five dollar product advertised in my email. When I ordered the product it said I had three days to view it, but it would not load properly on my Kindle and I did not have access to my laptop at the time. So this evening when I got home I pulled out my laptop and my Kindle and I couldn’t find the download on my Kindle and I had to manually type the page address into my laptop address bar on the Fiverr site, which promptly told me the site I was looking for was no longer available. When I went back to the kindle it went back to the website order page. Now I am very upset because it said three days and my payment hasn’t even cleared yet-it’s still pending for Dhrist’s sake. And by the time I email these guys and screw around waiting for an answer and the back and forth my three days will be gone, my five dollars will be gone, and that was my last five dollars in my checking account but it seemed worth it if the information panned out. I just want my three days of information.

This system is very flawed and I think is is set up to scam a lot of people.

There are plenty of great sellers and good gigs to buy on Fiverr. I’ve spent over $75 on all different gigs myself. Even so, it’s like any other site and not everthing pans out. If I wanted information and I bought a $5 book on Amazon, it could turn out to be crap but that doesn’t make it a scam. I wouldn’t risk my last $5 on unknowns personally.

All that said, though, if you bought a gig and you don’t like it or can’t download it, you aren’t stuck with it at all. You can get your money back in the form of Fiverr credit and buy a different gig. Firsr ask the seller if to help you get what you bought. Most sellers will try hard to help you. If it doesn’t work out, ask if they will refund your money. If they refuse and the problem is their fault Customer Support can help you when you open a ticket.

As far as phone or chat, Fiverr is in Israel so email support makes the best sense due to possible language barriers. Good luck!