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*2017 in review*


While 2018 is heading toward us, I thought about creating a friendly-discussion post where we look back through the good & bad things that happened in 2017. :relieved: (If it’s related to Fiverr or not.) Just a friendly-forum conversation where we can relax from work to release our untold stories of 2017. Let’s keep it simple yet exciting to read! Maybe these stories will spread positive energy to start 2018 with! :sunny:

Starting off with me rewinding my 2017, it was a great year overall. 2017 for me was the year that I’ve accomplished many of the things that I wanted to accomplish in the past years. It was the year that I finally had self confidence & made things that I never thought I’ll be able to make.

In 2017, I joined Fiverr after taking a course in the Web Design field that my parents did not agree with. I was still in my school year & they were worried that I won’t be able to get high grades as it was a major one. However, I took the challenge and managed to finish the course & get good grades as well! It was such a great feeling, being confident about your abilities and that you could achieve what you’re looking for if you have the passion to.

In 2017, I met some amazing people! Kind, caring, lovable & generous. I can’t really express how happy i am meeting people like you guys online. Just like @vickiespencer, @eoinfinnegan, @nikavoice, @offlinehelpers @gina_riley2 & the list goes on! :heart: Honestly, the thing that I love the most about Fiverr is the forum where we can all communicate together in a friendly nature regardless of age, gender, social class or anything that makes someone feel uncomfortable or different.

In 2017, I finally experienced that great feeling when you earn something you’ve worked hard for. I remember the days when I had to sleep 6 hours only because I was staying all night working on an order that should be delivered in the next hours. All this while having to wake up for school in the early morning. Sometimes, I even had exams! But knowing that I’ll be paid for my efforts later, made me love the challenge I was put in & appreciate it.

To end my 2017 in review, I believe that the choices that I took in 2017 were the ones which made all the difference. And although Fiverr is just a freelancing platform, I do believe that it had a great impact in making 2017 as one of the best years for me personally. Not because I earn money & that’s it, but because the people whom I met & influenced me with their stories which made me work harder on my self to reach that version of me that I’m happy being with. Not to mention, I take Fiverr as a place where I can take a break from school & life problems to focus on the things that I love spending my time at.

This clearly wasn’t a simple “2017 in review” reply at all, :smile: but I had to get those words out (I love writing long posts.) So what about you? Tell us about your 2017 In review!:star2: I would love to read yours as well.


Well done for 2017 and for sharing it with us Youssef! :slightly_smiling_face:

Hope you have an equally brilliant 2018! :tada::fireworks:


Hi, Youssef!

Lovely review :heart: :sunglasses:

I came out of hibernation just to reply to your post. See you’re special! :heart_eyes:
I’m VERY proud of you and for what you’ve accomplished in such a short span of time.
Keep shining like the :star: that you are, even when the :oncoming_automobile: ride takes you on twists & turns. You’ll come across potholes, bumps, and encounter roadkill :mask:. But, never stop following your goals & dreams.

I learned a lot this year, discovered things that I never imagined before. Met fascinating people, jumped over hurdles and :hibiscus: blossomed into a stronger woman.

As for :two::zero::one::eight: we got this! :ok_hand:t4:

Now back to my lioness :lion: den.


Well, 2017 was momentous for me as well. Aside from interacting with whole bunch of great newbies such as yourself, Braden, Vickie, and few others; I moved/got a new job. I had the wonderful opportunity to see many of my favorite sellers go from 0 to 2 in less than a year!

Unfortunately, my freelancing/side business was at a virtual standstill as I got a grip on my new position. I’m looking forward to resuming my writing in 2018.

I’m glad you were able to do so well here. Hard work and talent always pays off. Somehow, I get the feeling you will be even more successful in 2018. :slight_smile:

I’d love to write more, but pecking on my phone is painful. I may have to catch you again this evening. In case I don’t, Happy New Year - No work, just fun.

:heart:, G


@offlinehelpers Thanks Lorna, happy new year! :sparkler:

@nikavoice Thank you for your words Nika, I’ll keep them near where my eyes can see them in case things go clumsy in 2018! I truly appreciate it. :heart:

@gina_riley2 Wow, glad to hear about your 2017 story Gina. Hope to see you back on Fiverr, rocking as usual! :star2:


Wow, Youssef, we have the same taste in people! :heart_eyes:

I have been thinking of looking through my local community college online catalog to see what skills I can get so I can make more gigs.

Not only do we have the same taste in people we think alike! :star_struck:

I too love the Fiverr forum for these reasons. I never thought I would have a wide variety of friends from around the world as I do here. So to your comment about “regardless of age, gender, social class” I would like to add nationality. :uk: :us: :egypt: :ireland: :romania: :serbia: :macedonia: :india: :malta: :netherlands:

I am impressed by all you have accomplished in just a year. I am also proud of you. If only more young people were as self-driven, polite, and easy to talk to as you.

So I wish us all the best in 2018! And thank you Youssef for creating this thread! :hugs: to you!

@discobot fortune
for Youssef.


Nice one, Youssef.
2017 is the year I joined Fiverr. I had heard a lot about it but didn’t take it seriously. I had two friends who were always asking me to write stories for them and then paying me for it.
Other friends convinced me to get the job myself and start getting paid too. Those so called friends refused to tell me the details of registering on Fiverr, so I found out myself. I joined in June and was lucky to meet some wonderful buyers who helped make me a Level 2 Seller.
The journey was not all rosy though. I had a lot of challenges and actually faced discrimination and cheaters but the good parts overwhelmed the bad ones.
The most amazing part of Fiverr is this forum. It is simply wonderful, full of wonderful advisers and wonderful posts.
I hope 2018 is better.


@ojotemmy002 Wow, amazed to hear about your 2017 story! In just a year, you managed to get through all the difficulties and reach level 2 seller! This seems to be a hard challenge to take, but you’ve nailed it!

@vickiespencer We got many things in common Mrs.Vickie! :smile: Happy new year! Wishing you all the best in 2018 too! :star_struck: