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2020 fiverr bug

Biggest Bug ever -

Just search any services then go at 50 or 51 page after You’ll not find any new gigs on the next page such as 52,53,54 etc. On that pages… Same gig showing, Which was on 50 or 51 number.

If your gig views and impression not increasing or going down because of that.!!


I’ve noticed that. I’m not sure if that makes impressions on those gigs or not. No one goes that far back in the ranks to search for gigs so they may just be place holders for those pages.

It’s like a big trashcan for worthless gigs.

oops, I wonder how you research so deep :slight_smile:

I could never notice more than 10 pages…

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Yes I also notice that and also in buyer request sector . Here always showing more than 16+ offers active but only showing 3 or 4 offers from couple of weeks . :expressionless: :expressionless: :expressionless:

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People who can’t find their gigs might have them stuck there in the black hole of page 100.

i agree… no one search more than 3-4 page… even buyers do buy from 1st page most of the time…

but That not means… after 51 page… gig should stuck…

if fiverr have more than 80000 gigs on the same search tag… all should ve show on page…

fiverr claims… their search is most effective… is that effective? even gigs do not rotate in search over the week

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You could report it as a bug through the support desk if it’s not working correctly. They might fix it.

@fast_editing good that you report a bug, might help to make Fiverr better.
But scrolling down to page 50, that is far from home.

I personally check only the first first 3-5 pages in search results, or different filters, but other than that it’s costing me more time than being effective.

Good luck doing business.

My profile look offline on fiverr website until I reload or refresh the website.