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2020 Forum Plans (Community Input)

Hi everyone. I’d like to drop a quick post to invite everyone here to become a part of some of the changes that we’re planning for the forum in the next few weeks. Cha-cha-cha Chaaanges.

Planned Changes:

• Category Refresh
Some are used a lot, some not so much. If there is something you’d like to see that’s not here or a category that you don’t use? Put down some ideas here.

• Moderator Additions
Forum moderation is a tightrope. All of the current moderators have been doing a phenomenal job making sure that this space is safe, open and friendly for EVERYONE to interact. I will be opening up applications for new moderators and will be announcing a new community moderation standards. If you’re interested, please watch this topic for more info.

• Forum redesign
Not much input needed here. Just so you know that we’re working on an updated style for the forum.

• Community Standards Updates
This will mostly come from Fiverr and will mirror the Fiverr TOS. If there is something that is NOT in the Community Standards doc that you would like to see, please add in the suggestion thread.

• Wish list
Let’s keep this to format and/or content suggestions.

Take some time in the next week(s) to share your ideas. We’ll close down the category and topics the week after the US Thanksgiving holiday and will begin to make changes the first week of December, so that we have a new forum experience starting the first week of January 2020!

Reminder, the goal of this forum is to learn and share ideas in order to make sure everyone has a positive, profitable experience on Fiverr. Let’s all work as a community to make this happen for everyone!

Forum Status:


It’s great to heard from you about the forum. Everyone from different region will share their analyzing ideas and so on and we will get new look into our forum in coming 2020(It’s great number to see).


“You Fiverr experience” could be divided into two-part. One is for seller another is for the buyer. So we can find out important posts easily.


I’m agree with @change_maker. It should divided.


This is a great thank you for update


Can we please have a section/thread dedicated to the various bugs that keep popping up? It’ll save everyone from a lot of anxiety and worry.


First of all I think it’s awesome that Fiverr is putting thought and effort into changing the forum to provide a better experience.

It’s even more awesome because they are asking for our input!

So my wish list for now:

-I’d like to see a system implemented that doesn’t allow users to post “tips/advice” unless they have some sort of credentials/badges/whatever you might think works. I am tired of people posting crappy advice, just because they think it will help them sell more.

-Maybe the community would benefit if EVERY user had to take a quick test before getting posting privileges per category. So if they want to post a question, they will HAVE TO go through @eoinfinnegan magnificent upyour collection of threads. (just an example) Having to go through the ToS document is not a bad idea either. :slight_smile:

-If an account has 0-5 posts (not replies) an automated pop-up warning that will guilt the user into following the rules? Like posting something of value, contributing to a conversation, reading ToS

-Maybe we could create a new sub-category where people can volunteer to help new users and so it will be a “safe space” for newbies to ask anything, where the replies will actually come from people who want to help? I am not saying ban other users from replying, but having some sort of curation would benefit the community. Or maybe a voting system? Like getting actually helpful responses to show up ahead of anything else when it comes to a question?


I keep seeing the more senior sellers dropping out of participating on the forum. It now takes a lot of patience to read through the various threads and keep answering the same questions from new sellers.

It’s good that new sellers have a place to come to get answers to questions. It might come to the point of only new sellers on the forum though.


I agree with you Crystal, the forum have been filled with same questions over and over again. These questions have been answered by experienced sellers.

For instance, this is the first time I’m visiting in 4 months.
When I joined the forum, there were sellers like @jonbaas @woofy31 @vickiespencer and my friend @misscrystal who are experienced.
But now, the question keeps evolving. Same question, different wordings.

I think that need to be checked.


Great concept . It will refresh the atmosphere


Fiverr Learn category needs more attention from fiverr!


This is great idea.I like it.Thank you


Welcome back, after 4 months


Hopefully It will be good for us.


Wow that’s great. My suggestion is, make some quiz/test related to fiverr TOS for the new sellers before joining fiverr forum/new post , so they will not ask similar boring questions again and again and everyone read TOS.



Considering how hard-core they are about flagging certain keywords when messaging with clients, perhaps they could apply that same voodoo to the forum every time someone says ‘tips & tricks’ or ‘help me get more ranking’ or ‘how to get more buyer requests’ or any of the thousand other questions that get asked 100 times a day.

Maybe it could politely kick them to an FAQ where all that info is collected. Especially if they’re below a certain post count or time active on the forum (newbies, I mean).


This is a great thank you for update mjensen

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Thanks for letting us know the update, It’ll help us:innocent:

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That’s great! Thank you for update.