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2020 Guide - How to Increase Sales and Create a Killer Profile

Today, I am going to be providing an online resource that I usually give out as free premium content to the returning clients of my online marketing company. This guide will help you set up a killer and complete profile, along with 1 gig (to start for now). It will teach you how to maximize the sales you recieve and teach you the best way to make your seller profile complete in the eyes of prospective leads. In this resource posted only to the Fiverr Forum, you will find the 10 tips to optimize your profile and a gig of your choice. Contact me if you would like to learn more about my gig or if you would like to become a Top Rated Seller and take your orders to the next level.


  1. First, I would make sure you have a very solid tagline (the text right below your username on your seller profile). It should give users a very good idea of who you are and what you do before they even click on the gigs. Change: “Add a descriptive and informational tagline that gives readers an idea of the service you provide in a few amount of words”.
  2. Second, I would make your headshot of you and/or your partners smiling. If you take a look at my profile photo, it works because people like to see the face behind who they are working with. And, you should smile so you look more welcoming and people are more likely to feel comfortable around you. Change: Add a headshot profile picture of you and/or your partners smiling. This increases the confidence and trust of your potential buyers and makes them more likely to order from you.
  3. Third, I would change your profile description around. You should talk more about you as a seller, how you are going to deliver fast and high quality work, and the reason why people should buy from you. You can list all of your services in your gigs, same with the companies you have worked with. Change: Make your profile description why people should buy from you and your qualities as a seller. You should talk a lot about your previous experience with this type of work and what makes you SPECIAL as a seller.
  4. Fourth, I would add certifications and education to your seller profile. There are a lot of small things you can do that would add volume to that section, such as taking some of Fiverr’s tests or adding more certifications to your profile. These make people feel more comfortable with their purchase, and they feel as if they are in good hands. Change: Add more to your certifications/education section to make buyers feel more comfortable.

Gig #1 (Gig of Your Choice)

You can make this gig whatever you want it to be, but if you are looking for some good ideas, consider your skills and then check out the marketplace to see what is in demand with buyers. So, here are the remaining 6 tips on how to make your gig a top one on the marketplace.

  1. For the photos, I would make sure they are colorful and engaging, able to get the attention of your potential customer and draw them in towards your gig. You should try to aim to fill it up with 3, as that continues the theme of having a complete profile. Try to use more neon colors, such as blue, green, or yellow. You can check out my profile for examples. Change: Make photos engaging and colorful, grabbing the attention of a viewer. Try to have all 3 photos.
  2. For the video, I would try to have one from 45 sec - 90 sec. Most of mine are around 60 sec if you check out my profile. But, the video should explain what your service does, talk about your qualities as a seller, and mention briefly your packages/pricing and products. If you don’t know how to do it, you can search up “whiteboard animation” into Fiverr, and a ton of sellers will pop up who can do it for $10-$15 through an order. Or you can do it yourself if you know how. But, you should aim to have a video for every gig you have. Change: Add a video that is around a minute and make it engaging while mentioning a certain amount of criteria (see above - highlighted).
  3. For the description, I would take this chance to tell the buyer about who you are as a seller and what value this gig can bring to them. You have to explain why they should pay for your services, be that your services or even your communication with them. So, in this section, describe the gig and the details of it so they are clear on it. Also, talk about the different pricing platforms and what they can expect to receive when they pay a certain amount of money. Change: Add a very vivid description of yourself as a seller and the work/quality of information they will receive from your gig.
  4. Also, for the description, describe to them the problem they are already facing that they need your help with. For example, if you are a virtual assistant, you should acknowledge that the client is stressed out, and they are overburdened with work. This puts a demand on your service, which allows you to charge the client up to their budget and puts a fair quality level on your service/product. This is very important, you must try to connect with the buyer on an emotional level. The emotions are what influence them to buy the service, not as much as the facts. Change: Acknowledge the problem that the consumer is facing, making them more emotionally inclined to purchase your product/service.
  5. For the pricing, create a good disparity in between your pricing packages to appeal to a wide variety of customers. I recommend you use all 3 pricing packages that you have the option to use when designing your gig. This gives you the advantage over sellers who only use 1 or 2 because a client with a very small or client with a very large budget can purchase your gig and feel like they are in good hands. You can appeal to the client with a $5 budget, but also the one with a $500 budget. Change: Use all the pricing packages available to use when creating your gig as this allows you to appeal to many different budgets of clients.
  6. For the FAQ’s, be able to provide 3-5 questions that may be frequently asked about your service/product and produce good quality information to answer these questions. This will give your potential customer more information about your service and work, making them more inclined to trust you with large amounts of money on the basis of your work. By being a more trustworthy client, you can upsell more and have the client’s trust that you will deliver a high quality service on time. Change: Write a few FAQ’s to appease the buyer’s trust of your gig and make them more inclined to trust you with their order.

Here are the 10 custom-made tips based on your current seller profile and the gig you have. Once these changes are made, you have a lot higher of a chance to start getting a ton of orders and sales. In fact, if you stay active on the buyer request page, with your updated gigs, you should be rolling in the orders soon, trust me.

If you enjoyed this free guide, don’t forget to check out my specific gig for this (gig link: I am always able to answer your questions and would love to work with you and help you become a Top Rated Seller on this site. Just contact me, and we can discuss your goals/budget.

Wishing you all the best as a seller and person in life,



A lot of misinformation in this post.


1 - Yes, good advice.
2 - Not necessarily. A professional company logo tends to work better than a picture of a face for a certain type of client.
3 - Sure.
4 - This is totally pointless. Buyers do not care in the least for certifications and Fiverr tests (that are a joke anyway)

5- NO. The image you have in the gig you linked at the bottom is… very ugly and amateurish. Don’t use neon colors unless you really know what you’re doing. Pastels have been the trend for a while now, and tend to look much better and more professional. Look at Fiverr, for example - started with a neon green, and have toned it down with time to look more professional and modern.

6 - Don’t mention pricing or packages in the video - they are already in the gig. If you mention them in the video, you have to change the video every time you want to adjust pricing. It’s not efficient. Don’t use whiteboard explainers if you can avoid it (specially not $10-$15 ones, they look terrible).

7 - Don’t oversell. It comes off as desperate. State clearly what you do, and what’s the ROI for the client. Entice, don’t sell.

8 - Sure, if you can do it well, it’s not bad advice.

9 - No. Price yourself according to what makes sense for your service. You can’t please everyone, and you don’t want everyone as a client. If you offer something you can do in 5 minutes for $5, don’t offer something at $500 - the client willing to spend $500 is dramatically different from the one wanting to spend $5. If you offer something at $500 and get clients, selling something for $5 (unless is automatic) is just a waste of your time. Focus on the high ticket.

10 - Yes, a good FAQ is great. Most clients don’t bother to read it , though.


Thanks for the suggestions! :smiley: :smiley:

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Valuable input you provided here

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Ofcourse sir, thanks for your input.

I’m not going to go into depth about the advice the OP posted.

(although I disagree with most of it)

What I would like to know, however, is which profile are you referring to when you make all those claims? Do you have another selling account that has all that revenue and reviews?

Also, please delete the link to your gig, otherwise a mod will move this to the “my gig” subcategory where it belongs.


You disagree with most of it? At least half of it is generically true, even if not particularly insightful or useful. Better than most of what we usually get here lol (be online 24/7, post gig on social network, send buyer request daily).

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I didn’t comment on how useful or not the advice is, I just said I disagree with most of it.

As in it is too generic, and some of the points made above are not even advice to help you succeed. It’s just good sense/practice.

If you want to stand out or drive sales, that’s definitely not the way to go. Not in my book.

But everyone has their own framework I guess.

What I really want to know is whether or not the OP has more than one accounts, or what happened to the account he seems to be boasting as proof of their “success” on their gig.

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Ah, alright. I guess it’s a matter of wording. I wouldn’t say I disagree with advice just because it is generic/common sense. It’s obviously not common sense to everyone lol. Some points I do disagree with, sure, and I highlighted them above.

You do have a point on the account. Selling advice on how to make a successful gig/account with less than impressive numbers yourself is not a particularly good idea.

And yes, I also disagree that this is the “ULTIMATE guide to generate more sales”, obviously.

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Basically I disagree with people who are looking to sell snake oil.

My disagreement lies with the premise of their post, they are offering “free advice” to promote their gig.

Well I have a few questions. Let me know when you are back online OP.

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Yeah, I get you. I don’t think he was being intentionally shady, or that he has another account. Some people just measure success differently, he’s more successful than a lot of people who have zero sales and absolutely terrible gigs. That leads to overconfidence. It’s Dunning-Kruger all the way, I think.

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Yeah I only just noticed he offers a wide variety of gigs and the amount of sales he is boasting about checks out.

Anyway, kudos to you OP for making it this far.

Please remove the link to your gig or change the subcategory.


No, it is my profile. Please check my reviews and wide variety of gigs please.

Thank you! I agree with you.

Hi, Thanks for your valuable input. Please check out my gigs and profile for more info.

I already did and I recanted above.

However I still think you are charging people for advice that could easily be shared on this very forum for free.

Good thinking here, I appreciate your logic.

I see your point, good thinking.

Got it, thank you! Valuable input.

You need to follow the forum’s rules, please don’t double or triple post. Get all the quotes and replies in one.

Just to clarify, you are of course free to sell what you want.

All I am saying is that you should definitely offer more value or proof of people following your advice and succeeding.