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2020 Suggestion Document Feedback

Thank you, everyone, for taking the time to let me know what you’d like to see happen in the forum. Truly amazing the scope of suggestions.

This is meant to be a transparent process for the Fiverr community. In that vein, I’m sharing the google doc where I’m compiling everyone’s input. This will also have my suggestions, comments, and status of each suggestion.

This is a living document that I’m still currently building out, so please be patient as I sort through everyone’s post comments. :slight_smile:

I’m keeping comments “OFF” on the document since it’s public. Please comment here in this post with feedback or if you think i missed something. I tried to keep it to “actionable” items vs general feedback.


The doc isn’t public. It looks like it hasn’t been shared.


OK, having some doc sharing issues. Seems like it’s A LOT more complicated when it’s behind the “Fiverr” google account. Please hold… :smiley:


Ok, back to action. If you “requested access” before, please ignore and click the new link to the NEW document above. Thank you for your patience.


The doc is a nice idea!

row 52:

will also suggest to not allow comments like “CONGRATS” or “Thanks for your suggestion” as they add nothing related to knowledge "I don’t love the idea of blocking out words like this. Yes, they can be annoying but they’re also good acknowledgements of information in the post.
" Don’t want to do this (Convince me otherwise)

I agree on the “Congrats!” as that would typically be in reply to a thread someone wrote about their achievements (?) and that wouldn’t really be an “informative thread” anyway, but I think that many people are annoyed by posts that only consist of “Great tips”, etc. in reply to informative posts - and the forum rules actually say to not do that because that’s what the Like button is for.

So, the logical solution would be to either filter those posts out (but that might alienate the people who post them) or drop that forum rule if it doesn’t matter/isn’t put into practice.
A better solution, if possible technically, could be to keep the rule and have a filter for such posts that trigger a pop-up and suggest to the one posting to either use the like button instead of posting (as per the rules) or to add a bit more to their post, like why they think the tips are good, if they have tried one of the tips and gotten results, or add a tip of their own or something (I guess it’s possible to do that, as there is also a “pop-up” telling you that “your thread is similar to …” when you post a new thread with certain wording).


Most of the banned users actually contributed a great deal to the community by offering tips and suggestions to fellow users when they run into issues. There are even times when they can phrase things in a way that will actually register with the persons asking for assistance. To top it off, a good bit of them are highly established fiverr sellers with a wealth of knowledge under their belts.


The document looks so good, All the suggestions are shorting out with status. Some of them are under maintenance, Some are completed and some of them don’t want to work form fiverr. It’s really amazing to see the status.

I agree with you about the banned users, So they can contribute with us their knowledge.


Excellent document you have created, I like the part in whole is “Tips From Successful sellers: A separate category where only Top rated/Pro/Experienced sellers (minimum 2 years of Fiverr Experience) can post.


Add a TRS specific group


You get cool points for adding a gif of Ricky Rozay Da Boss.:ok_hand:t4: :sunglasses:

Serious note: I glanced at the doc and so far so good. I’ll look over the document on my downtime. Happy to see that You/Fiverr is actively working on ironing out these issues. Imagine, if some or most of these things are implemented!? :star_struck::heart_eyes: Wowzers, the Forum would be a better place to be, better than Studio 54. :wink:


Re Permabans, I am in two minds about it.
On the one hand, it would reduce the “threat” of being banned from the forum which could see the impact of warnings reduced. It could also lead to a ridiculous situation where people are permabanned twice.

On the other hand, people change, people can miss the forum enough to be ok with toeing the line in future. There should obviously be a difference between someone who repeatedly broke minor rules etc and those who were sending obscene messages to other users etc, but my overall thinking is a that a review could take place after a year (or other specified time) if requested by the banned user and that would be decided by Staff rather than mods.

It would be important for other forum users to be aware that anyone coming back would likely need to behave a bit different to before and so trying to bring back the previous fun times (which got the user banned) would be a bad idea.


Some sellers who were banned were of the opinion that they were ok with it. They didn’t want to monitor/filter what they said. So it’s probably best not to try to bring them back.

I think it’s ok to have long lists of people simply saying “congratulations”. I had a thread I started like that and found it to be very rewarding. We can skip over threads we don’t like.

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For sure, I don’t mean that everyone is just brought back, just that there is an avenue for them to request it if desired


The reason most were banned were due to being insulting to others. Or in at least one case continuing to post things political. They couldn’t stop doing these things. They won’t change. (I am quite fond of three of them that I miss.)


We had that years ago, but hardly anyone posted there.

So do I. Permanent bans are too extreme. A 30 day ban is usually enough.


I really liked the idea :blush:

If you say it like that, indeed, multiple permabans would be ridiculous, however, dear forum Gods, a forum reset with clarification of rules and other changes could be an excellent point for an "amnesty”/review.

Not sure how many of the banned ones have really committed “unforgivable sins” that warrant 1000 years of forum suspension.

1 year IMO should suffice as the max ban in most cases, people can change a lot in a year (even forum rules, or main site rules and policies, at that, can change a lot in a year). Actual trolls probably also would have found other trolling grounds in the course of that year and if they do come back, and resume trolling, next 1-year ban.

For the probably very few cases in which users do really atrocious things

(like, I don’t even know, threaten other users and their families, plotting to get another user banned on the main site, purposefully try to destroy the community, ?, such things must be a rare occurrence here, but I’ve seen it all in other places, so)

by all means, have a perma-ban (100 years should suffice, though, assuming all forum users are humans and discobot :robot: is beyond any shadow of doubt, rule-breaking-wise; this might change at some point when we get AIs frequenting the forum :wink:).

Maybe a clear separate category for “Not Fiverr-Related Discussions” could help with a few issues too, then people who only want to read about and discuss Fiverr things, search for specific Fiverr-related info, etc., could just stay out of there and save their valuable time for doings, and people who want to look over the rim of the espresso cup once in a while, or just chat about dogs or whatever, could venture there (of course, that category would be subject to the forum rules, too).

Some people might argue that the Fiverr forum should only have Fiverr-related categories, and that would be fair enough, too, but all forums I frequent/ed, do have some “General Discussion” type of category or at least one such thread going, and those tend to belong to the most popular ones and to enliven the forums.

I’d also think about making only certain categories browsable without being logged in (like the FAQ, a revamped “My Fiverr Experience”/”Fiverr Stories” category with a bit more meat than “I made a sale and got a review. THE END”), and keep others (like a potential “General Not-Fiverr-related Discussion/Thread”, Ranting Pot, Improve my Gig) accessible only when logged in.

Looking forward to seeing how the “Working on it” and “On the list” items will pan out.