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2020 Suggestion Document Feedback

I agree the banned issue.


Hey there. I got it what you want to understand me


Hello, I doing it and recently i came here.


Just noticed that the spreadsheet ‘Category Mapping’ tab now shows that ‘celebrations’ will eventually have their own sub-category! Thank you!


I think so …!
I just read about that and I am thinking about it and see you already speak about that.

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Good presentation your content your content is useful if someone take it seriously and go for action.


yes that is true, it helps us

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Thank you! Will you be updating the document, or wait until there have been more changes to make the time invested worthwhile?

I see green! Don’t think it was one of the suggestions, but nice touch.


I thought it’s a bit too green, haha…but I think is just a matter of getting used to it. I’m happy to see it moving somewhere to be honest


I was a little surprised to see this too. With how active I, personally, have been on the forum, and how comfortable I had become with the previous blue theme, this will take a little getting used to. But, personal preferences aside, it is nice to see things being switched up a bit. This gives the forum a fresh feel.


Saw the dot on my profile image. Thought it was a PM at first.

But (thanks to your post) I have been singing “what a wonderful world” ever since. :slightly_smiling_face:

Brings a freshness to the forum!


This is the first time I am seeing this document :open_mouth:
Where can we actually make suggestions?

Sadly, forum suggestions for this year are closed, but you can still check out what was previously suggested: Forum Wish list
(Weirdly, I’ll still get an occasional :white_heart: from that thread.)

I’ve been keeping a notepad document with things I would like to suggest next year (if they’re not made irrelevant by then).

Oh thanks for the info, shame I missed my chance, but it’s a good idea to note some things down!

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i dont know, its work or not
but i think it doesnot work

Thank you…

I think he told about the categories of gig